Saturday, May 21, 2011

Launching of the new webshop!! And food allergies behind indigestion.

The Raw Dessert Kitchen, my new webshop is finished!

Raw cacao - powder and nibs.

Hi you! I hope the sunrays kisses your face in the wonderful time we're heading now, summer..
Today, I'm bursting with joy, for two reasons: the raw webshop is finished, and I got the result of the blood analysis on food allergies I ordered.

The webshop, The Raw Dessert Kitchen, is so far in swedish. But do have a peak even tough you're not swedish!! And I would love some feedback!! It's a shop for you and me - for people that love raw desserts and super foods. I will expand the selection of products along the way, also offering necessary tools to make professional desserts. It is so much fun, playing around in the kitchen, wishing you were Strawberry Shortcake.. I had a Strawberry Shortcake-doll as a kid.. I was "aspergerly fixated" with that doll, I think I know why :)

The analysis (made by ImuPro) listed 90 different foods, in which I was allergic to 30 of them!  I was chocked. And thrilled. And chocked. One of the worst things for me to eat happened to be almonds.. Which explained why I felt not-so-good during my high raw vegan period. I ate soo much almonds. Because I have a leaky gut syndrome, It means that if I eat something frequently, the risk of develop an allergy to that food is increasing. "Syndrome" sounds so serious, but this condition is very common, and you could live years without knowing about it, a bit like candida.. It's the lining of the intestine that have been damaged, often due to exposure of... you guessed it: antibiotics and penicillin.

I've been suffering for years from bad indigestion and unknowingly eating things the body couldn't tolerate. The indigestion-symptomes were this sneaking uncomfort in the upper belly, making me tense, distressed, disconnected, anxious.. I could feel how the food just sat there, never seeming to go anywhere.. Just having this sensations of ripples, making you sick to your stomach.. and in my case, extra sensitive to noise, crowds, intense situations and so on. I thought I had anxiety attacks, but in many, many cases it was just the indigestion! The stomach seems to affect just about everything in your life, whether it is calm or upset. A calm stomach means a calm person. Never feeling really well, and trying to avoid situations that put too much pressure on me, trigging bad indigestion/anxiety during so many years, formed my personality.

After only one day of not drinking half a litre of oat milk for my smoothies, I felt much better! In kombination with the hydrochloric acid pills, Im discovering a new side of me. A curious, adventiours side I've missed all my live. I've been supressing this part of me so long, that I wish for nothing but to sell all my stuff, and travel the world. Living free as the wind, nothing to keep me strained in any way. Discovering new paths, new ways, people, new skies.

Tomorrow is my 30's birthday. A landmark of a new era of my life? I think so, I can already sense it.

Lots of Love!



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