Monday, March 28, 2011

Just another manic monday...

Hi! We've been working all day, packing our belongings in boxes.. Phiew... I just needed to take a break from it all, and have a nice little chat with you :) Im usually super-sentimental with just about everything, but now, I couldn't be more prepared and exited to start living in our new flat. I know that so many wonderful things will take it's place there..!!

I wanted to show you my latest dessert; The Earth Cake. It's a "sketch"so far. I've decided to adjust the recipe for this one and "evoutionise it" :) I almost never do that. Most of the time I make the cake as I go a long, and intuitively work my way to the finishing result. Which takes about 15 min. And that's the beauty with raw dessert making. It's about intuition, feeling and connection. That's why I LOVE it! :D

The idea was to make a cake as a contribution to Mother Earth. I wanted to do something creative with the focus on the whole process Earth is going through right now. The shift, changing, re-birthing, that we all face as a consequence of living our lives on her. And how we forget to pay our gratitude to her, taking her gifts and love for granted. We are all in this together, all of the creatures living on the planet, along with Mother earth. I don't even think she, herself knows the end of this story. Just that she has to go through this in the name of love and light. It is strange times that we are in now.. nothing will ever be the same again, and we are evolving as a species into something beyond beauty. But right now we are in the "the bumpy ride"section. I don't think Im the only one experience that "future" no longer exists. What we used to call "future" have changed into a big "now". Personally I can't see my future, can't visualize it any longer. It is as if the "future" is right up my face :) I don't see and feel "the past" either.  Maybe that's why Im not sentimental of moving from a loved apartment after four long years?..

I see that evolutionising this cake has a meaning. Next time that I will make this cake and pimp it, I assume that the world will be a better place. Every day the world is a little bit better. Good gets better. 

The cake is simple, a little "raw dessert old school" a la Anne Wigmore. I usually don't do these kind of desserts, I like it a bit more komplex. It's a base of pecans and dried fruits, and a chocolate frosting on top. Im planning to spice up the base, and make the frosting more like solid chocolate with acaíberry powder. It's lots of lúcuma in the base, jum...! 

 Love & light


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Start using apples in your breakfast juice!

"They come in pints?!"

A good start of the day means everything!

Howdy! Do you have a juicer at home that you never use?? Start using it! Make one large juice in great love for yourself and in gratitude for the nutrients Mother earth produces to heal us. This morning we made raw juice of a couple of carrots, two apples, two kiwis and a stem of broccoli.

The nutrition in apples: the old saying that one apple a day keeps the doctor away, has showed to be just right. They contain antioxidants (ORAC 564 units), fiber, betacarotene, amino acids, flavonoids, phytosterols and a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

They promote digestive health, neutralizes the negative effect of radiation therapy, and cleanses the body from toxins and the heavy metal aliminium. Two apples a day fight inflammation, asthma, type 2 diabetes and lowers the bad cholesterol. At the University of California, researchers found that apples have the ability to prevent tumors.

The peel of the apple it self, contains antioxidants that could lower the risk of different types of cancer.

• Colon cancer by 43%
• Liver cancer by 57%
• Breast cancer by 39% (when consuming three apples a day)
• Lung cancer by 50% (when consuming apples on a regular basis)

If that wasn't enough, apples may protect against osteoporosis and increases bone density.

Love and light!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Ice cream Cupcakes and tears for Japan....

Hello Earthlings and beings in between. 

It is hard to write anything these days. My focus and empathy goes to Japan. My chest feels heavy, as if there were a tremendous grief there. I know that this is the beginning of the end. The end of the Old Ways. Something new will arise from this, but still there is a tremendeous loss, grief, fear and pain going on. I think that this is the true beginning of the earth changes that is misunderstood as an 2012-apocalypse by some. Obviously, for the ones in the middle of chaos, this IS an apocalypse. But the pieces of the earth-puzzle must be rearranged for the New World Order to take it's place. 

The catastrophe in Japan was foreseen by Edgar Cayce, who said "the greater portion of Japan must go into the sea." Read more about his fascinating revelations on the future here

Baking though was lightening up my day yesterday. Chocolate always cheers me up! I was spending most of the day mixing different batches, testing and adjusting flavors. This ice cream cupcakes are inspired by the Swirl Pecan Pie, from my dessert ebook The Dessert Revolution. 

Vanilla filling:

• Just over 1/2 cup of macadamia nuts
• Just over 1/2 cup coconut milk (mix 1/2 cup shredded coconut and 3/4 cup water, and press through a “nut milk bag”).
• 50 g Cacao butter (1/3 cup as chopped and 4 tablespoons as liquid).
• 1/2 dessertspoons real Vanilla
• 2 pinches of Himalayan salt
• 1/2 dessertspoon Sunflower lechitin
• 2 tablespoons Agave nectar

First make the coconut milk, press the milk through the nut milk bag directly into the food processor. Melt the Cacao butter in a water bath. In a food processor, mix all ingredients, except the Sunflower lechitin into a smooth cream. Then add the lechitin and mix for another 1-2 minutes. If the filling starts to get lumpy while processing, it is because the melted Cacao butter is starting to cool down. If that is the case, just heat up the water bath and carefully warm the filling until it is smooth again. Set aside to firm a bit in the fridge.

Chocolate filling:

• Just over 1/2 cup almond milk (in a blender, mix 1/3 cup almonds and 3/4 cup water and press through a “nut milk bag”.
• 1,5 dessertspoons of Sunflower lechitin
• 65 g chopped Cacao butter (6 tablespoons as liquid).
• 4 tablespoons raw Cacao powder
• 1/4 dessertspoon real Vanilla
• 2 pinches of Himalayan salt
• 2,5 tablespoons Agave nectar

Make the almond milk the same way as the coconut milk. Melt the Cacao butter and add all the ingredients in a food processor but the Sunflower lechitin. Mix very well. Then add the lechitin and blend for another 1-2 min. Put the chocolate cream in the fridge and wait for the two fillings to get the same consistency. 

Pour the fillings in layers in a silicon cupcake form. Use a toothpick to make a swirl.

Swirl instructions:

If you want the swirl pattern to be white, then start pouring the vanilla layer first. If the fillings are runny, then you might need to put the cupcake in the freezer after every layer to harden a bit. Finish with the chocolate layer on top, don't put the cupcake in the freezer this time. Add a drop of the vanilla filling on top and start playing around with the toothpick. If you want the swirled pattern to be brown, do the other way around. Put your cupcakes in the freezer to harden.

Love you guys.. Let's build a new world together!



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