Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fruit and chocolate breakfast recipes

Beloved Crew of the Mothership! Hi and good gorgeous morning  ---<----<@

There's nothing like a good start of the day, and what could be a better start than of delicious healthy raw food? J got this chocolate mousse for breakfast this morning, I got myself two big cups of Yerba Mate tea, that awaken a tired head like nothing else... I drink it in the mornings and around 15 a clock. Can't get enough of green tea.

Love raw's Spicy Breakfast Chocolate Mousse

• 3/4 cup cashew nuts
• 3 pinches of salt
• 1/4 dessertspoon real vanilla (seeds)
• 1/2 table spoon mesquite
• 1 table spoon kakao powder
• 1/2 dessertspoon cinnamon
• 1/2 dessertspoon clove powder
• 1/3 cup water
• 1/2 table spoon yacon sirup
• 1,5 table spoon agave nectar
• 2,5 table spoon coconut butter (at room temperature)

In a food processor mix all de dry ingredients into a flour. Then add the rest of the ingredients and process until smooth. Put in the fridge for until hard. Put the mousse in a pastry bag and make a swirl in glasses. Decorate with some pecans and cashews.

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Love Raw's Kryddiga Frukost-Chokladmousse

• 2 dl cashewnötter
• 3 nypor salt
• 1 krm äkta vanilj
• 1/2 msk mesquite pulver
• 1 msk raw kakao
• 3 puffar kanel
• 3 puffar nejlika
• 1 dl vatten
• 1/2 msk yacon sirap
• 1,5 msk agave nectar
• 2,5 msk cocos fett (rums mjukt)

Mixa först de torra ingredienserna till ett mjöl och tillsätt sen resten. Mixa tills du fått en riktigt smooth kräm, ställ i kylen tills stel, spritsa sen i glas och dekorera med pecannötter och cashews.

This is another breakfast favorite, a simple fruit salad. I find it to be grounding for the entire body. Some of this, a cup of yerba mate tea and yoga in the nature lifts your day to higher dimensions..

A simple Morning Fruit salad

• 2 bananas
• 1 mango
• 2-3 kiwis
• a handfull of raisins
• a handfull of cashews
• green grapes as many as you like
• 1 big apple

Rinse, peel and cut the fruits and put in a nice bowl. Pour some agave nectar on top. Always buy organic fruits to raise the vibration of the food.

Enjoying the first rays of autumn, doing hatha yoga by the Black Creek in the most beautiful surrounding. You can almost see the fairies flying around. It's amazing to feel the differences in your body after a session.. And how your body tunes in with the positions a little bit better every time.

~Swedish autumn~



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