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This is a photo and recipe blog about gourmet and simple raw desserts, made by me Karolina Eleonóra. It is also a blog for everyone interested in self improvement, a deeper connection to the Divine and the joy of life! My mission is to sprinkle glamour and magic with my raw desserts and enlighten all and everyone about the benefits of them. Of course we need glamour and sweet tasting comfort food! Of course we need to be mesmerized by all things beautiful and by or own dreams and growing! I'm glad you are with me on this sparkling journey of melted chocolate, personal confessions and maca dust!

• If you are looking for raw dessert recipes, you might want to check out my ebooks The Dessert Revolution, and the up coming The Candylicious eBook. Both books are available in English and Swedish and are easily downloaded on your computer after purchase for instant access! 

• Also have a look in our raw and super food webshop, The Raw Dessert Kitchen.

What is Raw food & Super food?

Raw food is vegetarian food, which has not been heated over about 104 F (40°C). In this way the food enzymes will still be alive and the nutrition in the food is intact. Enzymes are a form of proteins, that we have in our bodies, but their task is primarily to regenerate and heal, and secondly to digest food. The body enzymes are at a limited number, so it's good to eat a lot of enzyme rich food. A dry, raw nut becomes "alive" when it is soaked in water. The enzymes in the nut are activated as well as the nutrtition. The nut undergoes a transformation during the sprouting process. You can sprout nuts, kernels and seeds to turn them into living food.

Super food is vegetarian food which contains an unusual amount of nutrition and have special properties that have a positive effect on your body, as well as your emotional, mental, spiritual and social life. Super foods are packed with special nutrition that truly distinguish them from other types of foods. Examples of super foods are raw cacao, maca, mesquite, hemp seeds, yacon sirup, schizandra and virgin coconut oil.

Why Raw Desserts?

Raw desserts are the sweets of the future, for smart people. Like you and me. The grandest thing about them though, is that they, every time you eat them, serve as a reminder of your own Value. The quality that lies within them must be aligned with the quality within You, otherwise you would not eat them. How great isn't that? A piece of candy that are both healthy, scrumptious and a self-loving booster! You get all you want, yet you don't have to pay the price of the sugar rush side effects and all that comes a long with the baked empty calorie desserts. We are so done and done with those desserts!


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