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Hi Beautiful! Welcome to my blog Love Raw.  I'm Karolina Eleonóra and for the last five years I have been working with my passion - Raw Food Desserts. I'm a raw dessert chef and recipe maker. For me a well engineered recipe is like a fine tune for a musician. I'm here to seduce you into the world of raw desserts and share with you everything I know from the hundreds and hundreds of hours spent in my kitchen of trial and errors. 

Why? Because I want YOU to be happier, healthier, trust your instincts and creativity. I've seen peoples faces when they proudly have made their first raw cake, not to mention the reaction when they taste their own creation. 

Now I know that you might look at the photos of my blog, thinking "it all looks nice, but I'm never going to be able to do that". Well.. My first cake looked like this. What you see on the blog is a result of years of practicing. As long as you stick to my recipes the cakes will taste equally as good. 

To get you going, I've got some great resources for you to hold your hand if it all seems confusing - because I want you to Start Making My Recipes! 

1# My blog - find hundreds of recipes and inspiration.

2# My eBook - the best selection of never-before-published recipes of raw cakes, pies, tortes, cheesecakes and puddings that will make your taste buds sing hallelujah! Check out what people are saying about the eBook here.

3# My eLetter - every 14 day I send you an email with a new recipe, plus information about nutrition, tips and know-how. Sign up below!

How It All Began..  As already mentioned, my first attempt to make a raw dessert was four years ago, and I made a simple walnut and raisin cake with a date and lemon frosting, check it out here! From that moment on, I was hooked! I loved that I could taste every ingredient and how simple it was to succeed. The quality and genuine feel about the whole thing was the beginning of a true love story.

I'm proud to say that I'm 100% self taught, and have truly found the supreme meaning of dessert making. Working with highly vibrating ingredients like raw cacao, maca, virgin coconut oil and mesquite is good enough inspiration for me. To be able to inspire and nurture myself and people I love with the desserts is a blessed reward.

I live in Sweden with my soulmate and love Jakob. I was born and raised in the smallest village you can imagine. Surrounded by nature and great heavens with eagles and ravens, I spent my time daydreaming and planing for my bright future (there wasn't much else to do). I dreamt about a nomadic lifestyle, living in the great cultural cities of Europe, running my own business, dancing the nights away on a beach, being a natural parenting mom, growing my own food, following my shamanistic call and embracing all and everyone needing love and encouragement. ...Some how, but I didn't know how or when? 

That I ended up running a blog full time, never the less working with pink frostings and swirled cakes, was a total surprise, as I started my career with a bachelor in Public health science and planned to work in an office for the rest of my life (boring huh?). Lucky for me I just couldn't stand the idea of a boring, predictable job, working for some profit hungry company. The journey to the point where I am today has been nothing but straight, but Im overwhelmed that you want to be a part of it with your presence, reading my text, looking at my photos and leaving comments. 

The Company Love Raw: The Raw Dessert Kitchen… Today I run this blog, I distribute raw and super foods through my webshop The Raw Dessert Kitchen, I've authored three recipe ebooks and have published nearly 150 raw recipes in total. My recipes and photos have been featured in various online magazines and I have been showing how to make a raw cherry-chocolate pie for Swedish national radio (probably the first one to do that in Sweden), I have been interviewed for Finnish YLE and I write articles when asked for.

The Raw Dessert Kitchen was also created as a resource for Self Love. I want you to love yourself more. Engaging in that healthy narcissism, and dynamically dance back and forth, using yourself as a source of wisdom, love, hope, power, knowing, from where you can scoop inspiration and energy, and let it spill over to others in all that you do. Dancing from the deep source within yourself, where you find a guiding light, and dance back again to the outer world where it happens, the making, the connections, the transferring of information and decisions, where it takes physical form and manifests.

My Foodology

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• article with recipe, photos and interview for the may number of the Swedish Weight watcher.

Saffron balls with chocolate from the up coming Raw Candylicious eBook!http://loveraw.blogspot.se/2008/06/alans-superenkla-kaka.html


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