Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Raw Toffee

Some scenes of our life up north. Spring is finally arriving with butterflies, cute flower buds and bumblebees (have you tasted bumblebee honey? I can honestly say that it is one of the most delicious sweetener that there is. Though nothing beats agave.. :)

On our way to ship a super food order today, I couldn't resist taking a shot into the shiny wheel of a gorgeous black 1960's Mustang in the street.

Jakob in the sun.

I'm over the moon mad about icon paintings. Funny though I got my very own just a couple of days ago,  featuring Mother Mary and the baby Jesus, that welcomes us every time we enter our home. As you know I'm no more christian than a muslim is, but I talk to Jesus / Esu / Aton (same guy) in my own way. 

I found these golden icons in our church, extremely well made, and I just have to have dozen of them now! ...Why not have one in the kitchen? 

On the extra sweet side of life, I'm experimenting with raw english toffee now *tricky one* but came up with something in the middle of fudge and toffee. I didn't manage to get it as toffee-like as I planned, as you need to heat up sugar or honey and reduce it until it is super sticky. I used yacon sirup, and as you can see in one photo, it became quite elastic. So I'm getting there. It would be the ultimate exam test for me, and gosh would I start selling it all over the world? The answer is Yessss... 

What do you like the best, toffee or fudge? 

Kisses from Karolina Eleonóra

Thursday, March 15, 2012

No-stress Tahini bites! (nut free)

Hello fellow sisters and brothers! <3

Yesterday I made Anti-stress-chocolates! Did you know that the aroma of chocolate soothes nervous, tense and anxious people? I could sure use some of the beneficial goodness from super foods now (doing my book keeping among other stuff). So I went into the kitchen and came up with these!

They are loaded with ingredients that makes you relaxed and soothes the nerves:

• Cacao: Lowers the blood pressure, reduces stress hormone levels in highly stressed people and helps people with anxiety to improve their metabolism and improve gut microflora, while reducing stress. Raw cacao powder contains PEA, which is known as "the molecule of joy"and makes us present, positive and focussed. Another interesting plant chemical found in raw cacao is anandamide, that releases serotonin which makes us blissful. If that wasn't enough, raw cacao also contains an amino acid that makes you euforic. In other words, raw cacao is a perfect defense against stress! 

• Ashwagandha: This is an adaptogenic ayurvedic super herb great for all stress related issues. It calms the mind, it gives relieve when you are nervous, soothes the body, gives energy and strenghten the nervous system. It boosts the immune system and fights off free radicals, thanks to antioxidants in the herb. It has been used for nervous exhaustion and is considered the primary ayurvedic herb for its ability to build reserves for handling stressful conditions and support sound sleep. 

• Tahini: Tahini is rich in many different vitamins and minerals, but it is particularly full of different B vitamins. In specific, the B vitamins found in tahini include B2, B1, B15, B3 and B5. Each of these vitamins is an important part of the B complex of vitamins. The B complex is necessary for a variety of important bodily functions and processes. When you stress, you lose a lot of vitamin B, which is ever so important for the nervous system. A strong nervous system can resist stressful situations.

• Mesquite: Regulates your blood sugar levels to keep your mood bright and shiny! ..And fights off hunger, which is great when you don't have time to eat.

When you take a bite into these chocolates, they are soft and melts in your mouth, not like fudge, more like a soft chocolate if you know what I mean? :) You simply have to try them out! If you like the adult taste of blood orange zest (like I do), add more than the recipe calls for, until you get it as bitter as you want it.

No-Stress Tahini bites, makes three big bites.
Swedish further down.

• 100 g, 1 cup finely chopped Cacao butter
• 2 tablespoons raw Kakao powder
• 1 tablespoon Mesquite
• 1.5 teaspoon Ashwagandha (optional)
• 2 tablespoons dark Agave nektar
• 0.5 teaspoon Sunflower lecitin (optional)
• 1/4 teaspoon real Vanilla
• 1 tablespoon Blood orange juice
• Zest from one large Blood orange juice
• 2 tablespoons raw Tahini

Slowly melt the Cacao butter in a water bath. In a bowl, add the melted Cacao butter and Sunflower lecitin and whisk until the lecitin is melted. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir by hand until incorporated. Pour the chocolate in silicone forms and let them chill in the fridge. If you need them quick, put them in the freezer and they will be ready in about 30 min.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

No-Stress Tahini bites

• 100 g, 2 dl finhackat Kakaosmör
• 2 msk raw Kakaopulver
• 1 msk Mesquite
• 1.5 tsk Ashwagandha pulver (valfritt)
• 2 msk mörk Agave nektar
• 0.5 tsk Solroslecitin (valfritt)
• 1 krm äkta Vanilj
• Zest från en stor Blodapelsin

• 1 msk jos från Blodapelsin
• 2 msk raw Tahini

Smält sakta Kakaosmöret i ett vattenbad. I en skål tillsätt sen det smälta Kakaosmöret med Solroslecitinet och vispa för hand tills lecitinet har lösts upp. Tillsätt sen resten av ingredienserna och rör om tills blandat. Häll upp i silikonformar och ställ i kylen för att stelna. Om du behöver chokladen snabbare, ställ dem i frysen så är de färdiga efter ca 30 min. 

I've got some of the cacao butter left, think I'm going to keep it in the bathroom for a skin balm. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Raw Dessert Pizza (nut free!)

Hi guys!! If you missed the dessert pizza eLetter I sent out yesterday, don't be sad here it is! And if you want to subscribe, go to the subscribe-box in the upper right corner. 

I did a raw dessert pizza and succeeded to create a pizza bottom resembling shortcrust pastry *mmmmmm...* You know, with a gorgeous melt-in-your-mouth quality. Yet it is stiff enough to hold as a regular pizza slice. The pizza sauce is a raw chocolate cream with lucuma and purple corn. I decorated my pizza with what I had at home, goji berries, yellow kiwis, blood oranges and kumquats. Find your own magic topping and go crazy!

Raw Dessert Pizza(Nut free)
In swedish further down.


• 1 cup shredded Coconut (grind into a flour)
• 0.5 cup shredded Coconut (keep as it is)
• 2 tablespoons virgin Coconut oil
• 2 tablespoons Water
• 1/4 cup Lucuma
• 1 pinch of Himalayan salt
• 2 pinches of Cardamom powder
• 1/4 teaspoon real Vanilla
• 1 teaspoon organic Lemon juice
• 0.5 teaspoon zest from an organic Lemon
• 3 teaspoons light Agave or honey

Grind the 1 cup of shredded Coconut in a coffee grinder or blender into a flour. Add all of the dry ingredients into a bowl and stir by hand. Pour into a food processor and add the rest of the ingredients. Process until you have a dough. Work the dough with your hands in the bowl and press it down on a pretty plate to create a pizza crust. Continue with the pizza sauce!

Pizza sauce

• 0.5 cup virgin Coconut oil (melt in a water bath)
• 3 tablespoons raw Cacao powder
• 1 tablespoon Purple corn
• 2 tablespoons Lucuma
• a pinch of Himalayan salt
• 0.5 teaspoon Sunflower lecitin
• 3 tablespoons dark Agave
• a few drops Pepper mint essence or orange juice

Melt the Coconut oil and add the Sunflower lecitin. Whip by hand until the lecitin is incorporated. Then add the rest of the ingredients and whip until creamy. Pour over the pizza bottom. 

Raw Dessert Pizza, (Nötfri)


• 2 dl riven Cocos (mal till möl i en kaffekvarn etc.)
• 1 dl riven Cocos (som den är)
• 2 msk Vatten
• 0.5 dl Lucuma
• 1 nypa Himalayasalt
• 2 nypor malen Kardemumma
• 1 krm äkta Vanlij
• 1 tsk ekologisk Citronjuice
• 0.5 tsk zest från en ekologisk Citron
• 3 tsk ljus Agave el honung

Mal 2 dl riven Cocos till ett fint mjöl i en elektrisk kaffekvarn eller blender. Häll i en bunke och tillsätt sen övriga torra ingredienser till bunken och blanda för hand. Häll blandningen i en matberedare och tillsätt alla ingredienser. Processa tills du har en deg. Häll degen tillbaka i bunken och jobba ihop den med händerna. Platta ut den på ett fint fat till en pizzabotten. Fortsätt med pizzasåsen!


• 1 dl virgin Cocosolja (smält i ett vattenbad)
• 1 msk Purple corn
• 2 msk Lucuma
• en nypa Himalayansalt
• 0.5 tsk Solroslecitin
• 3 msk mörk Agave
• ev. några droppar Mint essens eller Apelsinjuice. 

Smält Cocosoljan i ett vattenbad. Häll i en bunke och tillsätt Solroslecitinet. Använd en visp för att få lecitinet att lösa upp dig helt. Tillsätt då resten av ingredienserna och vispa tills du har en krämig konsistens. Häll såsen över pizzabotten och dekorera med valfri topping.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Balls of Steel for Heroes

Happy Tuesday folks! 

This is a post to honer all of you disobetient heroes out there. (I even made a little recipe for you). Thank you for your balls of steel. The world would not spin if everybody played by the rules, stood in line, waited for their turn, controlled their emotions, kept quiet, never rocked the boat, never challenged what is socially accepted. There is an acute limit of free thinkers in the world, so thank you for being one and doing things in your own unique way. 

I'm all for healthy disobedience of course. No one never have to obey any rule, that is not aligned with their own personal Truth. 

These balls have ingredients that supports the inner Hero in you! 

• Good fats and amino acids from the Cacao butter and Hemp to nurture, ground and to keep you alert. 
• Maca to balance your hormones, boost your strength, endurance and energy. Also Maca is an adaptogen herb that has the ability to absorbe stress.
• Cacao gives a wonderful edge of progressiveness, a bit like coffee but without the negative effects. Great for heroes that need to get on it. Cacao also brings cannabinoides which gives a natural high, that opens up for visionalizing and spreading the message of Love. 

Balls of steel for Heroes, makes 20 balls.

• 60 g or 0.5 cup shredded Cacao butter.
• 1 cup Dates (pitted but not soaked)
• 1 cup hulled Hemp seeds
• 2 pinches of Himalayan salt
• 1/4 teaspoon real Vanilla
• 5 tablespoons raw Cacao powder
• 1 tablespoon Maca
• 3 tablespoons Lucuma

Slowly melt the Cacao butter in  a water bath. Meanwhile pit the dates. Combine the melted Cacao butter with the Hemp seeds and make a paste in your food processor. Add the dates and process. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until incorporated. Form into balls and roll them in shredded coconut. These are best enjoyed well chilled. 

Balls of steel för Hjältar, blir ca 20 st.

De här bollarna är gjorda på en bas av hampafrö och kakaosmör; bra fetter som håller din hjärna alert, kryddade Maca för stärka upp och grunda med sin effekt på hormonerna. 

• 60 g eller 1 dl krossat Kakaosmör (ska bli 0.75 dl som smält)
• 2 dl Dadlar (urkärnade men ej blötlagda)
• 2 dl skalad Hampa
• 2 nypor Himalayasalt
• 1 krm äkta Vanilj
• 5 msk raw Kakao
• 1 msk Maca
• 3 msk Lucuma

Smält Kakaosmöret försiktigt i ett vattenbad. Under tiden, kärna ur Dadlarna. Mixa det smälta Kakosmöret med Hampafröna till en pasta i en matberedare. Tillsätt Dadlarna och mixa tills du har en deg. Tillsätt resten av ingredienserna och mixa tills blandat. Forma bollar som du rullar i riven cocos. Dessa kommer bäst till sin rätt väld kylda. 


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