Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let's make a better world, shall we? Let's Occupy our own dreams!

Aloha beautiful one!

• This post is about how we can use our vision to create a better world, by focusing on what we want.
• I've been creative in the kitchen and made a special cake you can read more about further down..
•..and made a whimsical lamp with Jakob.

We have an Occupy movement now, starting at Wall street. People are angry with the system. They blame "them" that made it all go wrong. I love that people are starting to wake up, it's not a day too soon. The world is a deeply unjust place to live in for the majority of people. But stop a while and think about it. Can we adjust this just a little bit so that the movement can have a stronger impact? If we put all our focus on what's wrong, in anger, frustration even desperation.. Than that's what we create. We know that we're angry for sure, but what would happen if we sat down, using that strong desire and started focusing on what we want? Addressing to the "leaders" (= puppets in the game) in anger, only makes us Underdogs, Victims. In that position, we can create no good. Because this is about creating. The old, false banking system must fall down into crumbs. It's been prisoning us for centuries, and can no longer do so for a human friendly life on earth, where love rules, not greed. It is time now to turn over a new leaf for the future on earth and together create a new chapter - the greatest one ever seen.

The big question is: What is Your dream vision about the new world? What would it look like? 

Now we need to unify and keep our focus on the beautiful vision of the future. This is where we are truly powerful. Not in angry masses on the streets. The people that rule America and has ruled the world for quite some time now, the obscenely wealthy and mighty power-families, people in the secret societies, couldn't care less about some angry people in the streets. They just carry on with their agenda as if non of this ever happen. Forget about Obama, he's not the one in control. He never was. He's a pretty looking paper figure that runs the errands of the uglier fishes. He's a one dimensional kliche, used to distract the public from the real power figures, covering up their plans with a juicy rhetorical strategy. You can call it a "conspiracy theory" if you like, but you know, that there's always a bigger fish, lurking behind the scenes, pulling the threads, making a puppet show of the politicians we see in the newspaper and on tv. And we all buy it. We consume the lie. So, why are we angry about it? We need to face the truth of who is who in this Game. Again, we are the 99%. With our desire and will to create a better world, we can achieve SO much! But, we've become cynical as a result of too much bad input and a lack of faith in the divine.

I believe in the power of prayer. Every thought is a pray, every feeling, action, spoken or written word is a pray. So is your intentions, desires, visions and dreams. Also things you create with your hands. These are your "prayer tools" that you use every day, consciously or unconsciously to create your life. In fact, the very point you are at now, is a result of the praying you've been doing, during your life. We need to cultivate good prayers, turn every day into a beautiful, grateful pray.

To make this shift from being angry and frustrated into focusing on what beautiful things you wish to create, you need to open your heart. Your visionary mind needs the energy from the heart to flow through. There's many ways to do this of course, but I was inspired to make my vision into a cake. So I went to the kitchen and came up with a raspberry pink, chocolate dense, super food:ish cake. Nut free.
The opening of the heart also includes playing. You can't be an underdog as long as you have fun, being on top with the greatest, happiest vibe. To give the cake an element of fun, I added chocolate ornaments.

Open Your Heart Cake
(in swedish further down)

Cookie dough base

• 0.5 cup Dates
• 05 cup Pumpkin seeds
• 1 tablespoon raw Cacao powder
• 1 tablespoon Mesquite
• 1 tablespoon Maca
• a pinch of Himalayan salt
• 1 tablespoon virgin Coconut oil
• 1/4 cup Water

Pit and soak the Dates for 10 minutes. Make a flour of the Pumpkin seeds, using a coffee grinder or blender. Add everything to a food processor and process until you have a dough. Press down the dough in a spring pan using your hands. Focus on a beautiful vision, the opening of your heart or love. 

Raspberry Filling

500 g frozen Raspberries (1.5 cups as thawed and save some for decoration)
• 1.5 cup shredded Coconut (grounded into a flour)
• 0.5 cup virgin Coconut oil
• 2 tablespoons Agave nectar, or the sweetener of your choice
• 0.5 cups Water

Thaw the frozen Raspberries in some hot water. They need to be at room temperature to incorporate with the coconut oil later. Make a fine flour of the shredded Coconut by grinding it in a coffee grinder or blender. Add all of the ingredients to a food processor or blender except the coconut oil, and process until completely smooth. Then add the Coconut oil and process 30 seconds more. Use a virgin coconut oil, that is raw/cold pressed. It has a wonderful taste that enhances your desserts to the maximum!

Chocolate cream filling for the pastry bag

• 0.5 cup Dates, pitted and soaked
• 0.5 cup virgin Coconut oil
• 2 tablespoons raw Cacao powder
• 2 tablespoons Mesquite
• 1/4 teaspoon real Vanilla (from pod)
• a tiny pinch of Himalayan salt
• 0.5 cups shredded Coconut
• 1/4 cup Water

Soak the Dates. Make a fine flour of the shredded Coconut by using a coffee grinder or blender. Melt  the Coconut oil in a water bath or in a dehydrator. Add the Coconut flour, Cacao powder, Mesquite, Vanilla, Salt, Dates and Water to a food processor and process. Now add the melted Coconut oil and process until incorporated. Put in a pastry bag with a tip with teeth and put in the fridge to harden enough  so that you can make a pretty line, squeezing the bag. If your pastry bag gets too cold = hard filling, you just warm it up in the dehydrator, alternatively warm it with your hands. 

Raw Chocolate ornament

• 1/4 cup virgin Coconut oil
• 2 tablespoons raw Cacao powder
• 2 tablespoons Agave nectar

Melt the Coconut oil in a water bath, or your dehydrator. Add the Cacao and Agave, stir by hand. Pour the melted chocolate in a squeeze bottle and put in the fridge for the chocolate to harden a bit. It's not supposed to come out runny. When the chocolate is ready (try it on your hand first), make ornament shapes on a greaseproof paper that you put on top of a plate. Put the chocolate / plate in the freezer. After 5 minutes, you can carefully remove the chocolate ornaments from the paper. Be super careful! And make many so you have a reserve if they break. Try making the ornaments rather tight. In that way they are easier to handle. 

When you have decorated the cake with the chocolate filling, using the pastry bag, you put some of the chocolate ornaments by carefully press them down into the filling. Again, be super careful. Don't stress. 

If you like my recipes you will love my ebook The Raw Dessert Revolution! Chek it out here.

- - - - - - - - - - - 

Open Your Heart Cake


• 2 dl Dadlar, urkärnade och blötlagda
• 2 dl Pumpakärnor
• 1 msk virgin Cocosolja
• 1 msk raw Kakao
• 1 msk Mesquite
• 1msk Maca
• en nypa Himalayasalt
• 0.5 dl Vatten

Blötlägg de urkärnade Dadlarna i 10 min. Under tiden, gör ett mjöl av Pumpakärnorna i en elektrisk kaffekvarn eller blender. Tillsätt sen alla ingredienserna till en matberedare och mixa tills du har en deg. Tryck ner degen i en form med löstagbara kanter, fokusera på en vacker vision, öppnandet av ditt hjärta eller kärlek. Fortsätt med Hallonfyllningen! Det är väldigt viktigt att i detta receptet använda en virgin cocosolja som alltså är raw/kallpresad. Den har en smak och doft av cocos som ger djupare smaker. Varmpressad cocosolja har inte lika bra näringsvärde och är helt smak och luktlös. 


• 1 dl virgin Cocosolja
• 3 dl riven Cocos
• 500 g frysta Hallon (3 dl som tinade), spara några till botten på kakan samt dekoration.
• 1 dl Vatten, blötläggningsvattnet till Hallonen
• 1.5-2 msk ljus Agavenektar

Tina Hallonen i lite varmt vatten. Det är viktigt att de får rumstemperatur när de sen mixas ihop med cocosoljan, annars skär det sig. Gör ett fint mjöl av den rivna Cocosen i en elektrisk kaffekvarn el. blender. Tillsätt alla ingredienser till en matberedare eller blender utom Cocosoljan och mixa tills helt slät. Tillsätt då Cocosoljan och mixa ytterligare 30 sek. Placera några hallon över kakbottnen och häll sen över fyllningen. Ställ i frysen medan du gör chokladkrämen som ska spritsas över kakan.


1 dl Dadlar, urkärnade och blötlagda
• 1 dl virgin Cocosolja, smält
• 1 dl riven Cocos
• 2 msk raw Kakaopulver
• 2 msk Mesquite
• 1 krm äkta Vanilj från kapsel
• 1 liten nypa Himalayasalt
• 0.5 dl Vatten

Smält Cocosoljan i ett vattenbad eller i en torkugn. Gör ett mjöl av den rivna Cocosen så länge. Tillsätt alla ingredienser till en matberedare utom Cocosoljan och mixa tills slät. Tillsätt då den smälta Cocosoljan och mixa ytterligare 30 sek. Ta en sked och för ner fyllningen i en spritspåse med ett tandat munstycke. Lägg påsen i kylen för att krämen ska bli något hårdare, men inte för hård så att du inte kan klämma fram fyllning. Om det sker, lägg påsen i torkugnen en stund för rätt konsistens, eller försök värm den med händerna. Den ska vara lagom mjuk i konsistensen så att du lätt kan sticka ner chokladornamenten i krämen vid dekoration.


0.5 dl virgin Cocosolja
• 2 msk Agavenektar
• 2 msk raw Kakaopulver

Smält Cocosoljan, tillsätt Agaven och Kakaon och rör för hand. Häll ner i en klämflaska med pip. Alternativt i en spritspåse med smalt pip-munstycke. Ställ i frysen en stund för att chokladen ska bli mer trögflytande. Under tiden, ta fram en stor tallrik, tejpa på lite smörpapper som du ska spritsa snirkliga former på. Ta fram klämflaskan och prova trycka fram lite choklad på handen. Om det rinner ut, är chokladen för lättflytande, ställ in i frysen och invänta rätt konsistens. När chokladen är lagom hård och lagom rinnig så att du kan kontrollera chokladen när du "ritar" på smörpappret, är det dags. Gör ganska tighta former eftersom de håller bättre och är lättare att hantera. När du fått in lite snits kan du försöka göra hjärt-former :) När du har gjort 8-10 st, ställ in tallriken i frysen så att chokladen får hårdna ordentligt. Ta sen fram den och tryck lätt med ett finger underifrån så att chokladen släpper från pappret. Var mycket försiktig och ta tid på dig. De färdiga ornamenten kan du lägga på ett fat. Var beredd på att många kommer gå sönder. Du kan smälta om de trasiga och börja om med proceduren om det inte lyckas som du tänkt dig.

Ta fram kakan ur frysen, lossa försiktigt på sargen och spritsa två runda ringar av chokladkrämen. Kontrollera först att den inte är för hård eller så rinnig att krämen breder ut sig, men hellre det än att den är hård. Lägg ut lite hallon på kakan och sätt försiktigt dit chokladornamenten. Tryck ner dem så djupt i krämen som du kan. Alternativt kan du smälta lite blockchoklad av raw kvalité om du inte vill göra din egen choklad.

Om du gillar mina recept kommer du älska recepten i min ebok The Dessert Revolution (på svenska). Ta en titt här!

The super foods in it has a combination that I love... Both for the taste but mostly for the effect, the synergistic "communication" between them. It was this super food trio that helped me open my heart back in 2007 when I started experimenting with super foods. I'm talking about Maca, raw Cacao and Mesquite. One particular evening, crossing masses of people in the christmas crowd, something I used to hate! I just couldn't cope with crowds and started to feel rather worried about it, about the fact that I had to adjust my everyday life to this discomfort. This evening though, I made a remarkable discovery.. I was actually enjoying being in the former claustrofobic tightness of stressed out people, for the first time in 5 years. This after eating Maca, Mesquite and raw Cacao powder in my smoothies for only three days! I had closed my heart to protect my sensitive inner parts from stress and a crazy world. Now it opened!! So, obviously, I had to put these ingredients into the cake. The raspberries because they are symbol of summer, birthday parties, the inner child and play and for the sake of the pretty color.

I wish with this cake, that the demonstrators in Wall street turn their focus within. Sit in large groups, constantly holding the focus on the vision and holding the vibrational high, in love, abundance, faith, justice, light, the Divine, happiness, joy and victory.

As I wrote in the previous post, we have had some fun in making a new lamp. We've been sitting in the bed at night with paper, scissor, glue and yarn. Our lamp is a manifestation of love, of the magic of life and dreams just like the cake. And every time we see it, it makes us happy, both because it looks wierdly funky, but also because of the genuine love we put into making it. We bought the lamp at a second hand shop that supports homeless people. There we also found an old, beautiful book with the title "The laughing human", brilliant we thought! We cut heart shapes of the leafs from the book and used a marker pen to highlight beautiful words. We also used some old wall papers that the guy living here before us, left in the attic. I'm in love with the idea to make something new out of something old! I can feel a serious addiction rolling in here :)

Until I see you next time, take care and cultivate your visions!
/Karolina Eleonóra

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hi the beautiful people! It's autumn!

I'm back again after a while of working on the new newsletter and doing some inner processing. A lot of things has happened. I'm throwing out some of my things, creating space and finding new parts of my self (that's wonderful by the way, you should try it!) For instance, try getting rid of old clothes you wore during the peak of your life. They don't fit you anymore, as you are holding on to the past every time you wear them. If you give them away, you just might se another you in the mirror! I gave away a rather girly skirt I used to love, only to find out how much this skirt had hold me back by just sitting in my closet (!) I've done these wardrobe feng shui missions before, but never have I seen so dramatic changes. A pink, girly skirt just isn't me.... 

This month of october is packed full of interesting earth changes, and I gladly welcome them! What ever happens, needs to happen. For me it feels like years of inner pressure is being relieved and I can finally feel and see the light in the tunnel (and while writing this, I saw a sharp, golden orb in front of me; that's a good omen!) Strangely enough.. I realize I'm made to cope these situations. The spartanian living  during the years at the university, and then living a bohemian life outside the safe social network of a dayjobb and so forth, being unplugged from the grid of madness. I really have nothing to loose of material means.

This is our time now. We, who know how to find glitter on a gray pavement, we who hear birds sing in the park while others just passes by, noticing nothing. We who see shapes in clouds, and potential in every acorn, sea shell, a beautiful leaf or in a smile. 

I'm positively sure that this crisis is manageable, and even a chance to readjust things we would like to change in our life. We're entering a new era now. The dawn of humanity, a human friendly, human sustainable world. No more left brain dualism, fear based and god disconnected mind-prissons. I could talk myself warm about politics and the successful *underground* war against the Illuminati administration. ..But this is a blog about raw desserts, right? :D

I've started to surf on this wave of change, and readjusting things in my life that I want to change. Something I haven't felt I had enough time to focus on is handcrafting. But I've realized how much that adds to my life quality, so now I'm full on crafting!! I'm specifically drawn to making beautiful things out of old and used stuff. Today we bought an old vintage lamp for about $5 that we are going to make really funky and special :) I'll put some photos up when it's done!! 

...So let's talk about recycling! Let's talk about permaculture!* 

Granola is great, because you can throw together pretty much what you have in the kitchen and use the granola to snack on, form them into bars, eat them with almond milk or as a topping on a cake. You can keep some in your purse for those moments when you need to fuel yourself when you're out. Look in your cupboards, jars and drawers. And bring your biggest bowl and start to create your own mix!! 

Must have My Granola

I used a 4 liter / 135 oz bowl and basically added everything I had at home. Things you can put in your granola:

• shredded coconut,
• pieces of dried fruits and berries (cranberries, blueberries, black currants, raspberries, strawberries, raisins, dates, apple..) 
• cacao nibs,
• buckwheaties, oats and quinoa (you can sprout them, and then dry them in a dehydrator),
• pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, melon seeds,
• nuts of all kinds,
• super foods like maca, mesquite, purple corn, acai, camu, algeas, schizandra berries...
• 1-2 tablespoons of cinnamon,
• 0.5 teaspoon himalayan salt,
• 2 cups of raw freshly pressed apple juice

When you have your big bowl of dry granola ingredients, you pour about 2 cups of apple juice over it and stir. (We used apples that we picked from trees nearby, all local and hanging there to rot). 

Spread it over the sheets in your dehydrator and let it dry until you have big chunks of sticky granola. Next time I'll put the apple juice in the blender together with one or two bananas as a sweetener, that would be awesome! Or some carrot juice? There's plenty of choices.

I love this, because you have to 1) use your imagination 2) be intuitive and 3) act recycling and permacultural! There is no right or wrong, just YOUR way. This is also super funny to make with kids!
Also be aware that drying currants (red, white, black), raspberries or blueberries takes days in the dehydrator. 

*) "Permaculture aims to create stable, productive systems that provide for human needs; it's a system of design where each element supports and feeds other elements, ultimately aiming at systems that are virtually self-sustaining and into which humans fit as an integral part. It's a philosophy of working with nature, of protracted and thoughtful observation (what you have in your kitchen that could fit for a granola, picking apples that nobody use), rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their function, rather than treating any area as a single project system." 

You're so precious, take good care 
/Karolina Eleonóra


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