Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dessert eBook update: Stars and stripe Tiramisu and healing crisises

There is a beautiful winter day here. A serenity lies in the air. Something is going on behind the scenes, but I don't now what yet. I just sense that it's  g o o d... It's like santa and all the gnomes is working overtime to create an abundance of... good stuff! I spent some time in the forest close to my home today. I was standing there taking some photos and I just felt like looking up in the sky. Over me flew 9 white swans in a line, they didn't make any noise, just some ultra light swooshes from the feathers as they flew. For me that means a lot, not only the beauty of it, but other things. In my world nothing "just happens". Everything is connected in an intelligent and beautiful way. And you are right on the spot where you need to be. 

Back to the swans, nine of them. Nine happens to be the number of enclosure, end of cycles (and a great moovie). 
Im not surprised. The number nine have been showing up a little too often recently to not have a significant roll in my life where Im at right now. A great, huge process is coming to an end. They were snow white; the color of purity, healing, new beginnings, all things coming together and form something new (if you blend all colors you get white) and swans symbols of being messengers of new insights and creative inspiration. So it looks like I have something nice to expect for the future. ^_^

The theme for today has been my healing crisis. This perticular one is one that I've been struggling with since an early age, and it sits so deep, are so massive that the only way to handle it has been to release some steam every now and then by just go with the flow whenever I felt sad about this thing. It's like the space that is me, my essence is getting tighter. At the same time starting to fill up with things I have defined (dreams, identity, experiences, know how, all the steps behind me on my path..). So the space is getting crowded and there are simply no longer room for old wounds any more. The wounds are being forced out from the center to the surface where I can deal with them and heal. This doesn't only apply to me, this is something typical for the time we're in now. There are some work to be done, but most of the work, luckily, is behind us. The only way out is through... You got to dive deep into it and surf the waves of emotions with a sharp presence (you know, being the "Observer") and things will be getting smoother and smoother whatever there is that you need to face. 

If you, at the same time, know within yourself that you are guided, loved, that you are utterly important beyond your wildest dreams, and that your journey is so, so beautiful with all that you are struggling with, then you might even have a pleasant healing crisis. But there are an exit door.. The exit consist of STOP STRUGGLING, but I know that a lot of you guys already know this, which is super-superb! 
The best way to stop struggle is to accept things for what they are, which means, to accept the now, loving what Is. Just look at it without judgement, values, beliefs, convictions and that sort of mind-made rubbish. You don't need it anyway. Most of our beliefs and convictions are made during our childhood and the mere part of us are unaware of them, from where we got them and how they prison our daily lives. We deserve to be free as a white swan in the sky; open, true, receptive, connected, giving and receiving. 

And now to the tiramisu. This was another eyes-rolled-back-in-his-head-dessert as I tested it on mr J. I remade the first batch and yes! My eyes were behaving the exact same way. It is called "food orgasm" in another word ;) Stairway to heaven, super-safe sex ;D 

Have a nice week and see you soon!

Kisses and lots of Love~

And if you didn't pick up your free mini ebook yet, here's the link again.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meta genetics & eBook update: Macaroons

Who are you? How does your genes affect your life? Do you know the people that have formed your genetical blue print? I found a photo of my grandmother the other day. That got me thinking. I am a manifestation of all the people in my kin, behind me in the line. So are you.   
My 15 year old Grandmother
on her graduation day (1936).
Klick to enlarge.

I'm the sum total of my ancestors, I carry their DNA. We are representatives of a long line of people. And we cart them around everywhere. This long line of people, that goes back to the beginning of time. And when we meet - they meet other lines of people. And we say bringing together the lines of me." 
(by Faithless)

All the past women in my kin, I hold their evolution as being in the front line of our blood line. I've felt that when I unlock blockages in me, I help unlocking family-karma, and the female karma in my kin, even though they are all dead I know I help them. As I see it ~ time is NOT linear, I believe that you can restore issues in the past by healing them in the now. A sort of schamanistic way of wieving life. To be precise, there are just a bunch of "now's" that is happening all at the same time, parallel to one and each other. The now Im in right now, interprets the "past now's" as being past.  

I love my grandmother, yet she died when I was 7 years old so I don't have much memories of her. Though we've had closer contact after she died. She comes to me when I call her and gives the pinkest hugs you can imagine. I got some my fun loving craziness from my grandmother. I know she was a closed bud that never really blossomed. Now I can blossom to love her, to heal her and stretch the shortened energy strings for her. Total love for a woman I feel so sorry for. To have lived, but yet not due to anxiety, a bad self image, shyness.. a real wallflower-girl. Sometimes certain people blossom in the spirit world after they have passed away, she's just like that. 

My Grand grandmother, Selina Eleonóra.
The image to the right is from 1906.
 (Klick to enlarge).

My grand-grand mother, she was a smashing woman. She was an artist, with her own sewing studio and had her own staff: a modern hard core business woman at a time most women thought that life was about child birth and wifehood. She was always well dressed, making the most wonderful food, having the most wonderful home and a garden that looked as if made by angels. There was nothing this woman couldn't do. She even got divorced witch at the time wasn't appropriate. She later shared her home with a man but they never got married. This Willy Wonka - man was into sweets and had his own business, a candy factory! Even tough Im not biologically related to him I feel strangely connected..

The other day J and I went for a glittery winter frost walk, and past my grand grand mothers old house.. :) She rented the third floor to a painting artist. It's wierd to have heard SO much of a loved Big Mama-Woman in your kin, never have met her, but I go shop my food in the very same store as she did while living in this house (she died in 1963).  When my mum was a little girl, staying in this house at weekends, she often starred out of the window, looking at the house Im now living in.. We wondered, what if the family that lives there now rents the third floor? Imagine the coolness if we got to move in there. Talk about walking in the footsteps of your past. Anyway.. I was going to write about meta genetics. Did you know that what your ancestors ate, the nutrition they got from their food is a part of your health status today? What's even more interesting is that our genes are effected by the stress our grand-grand-grand father/mother felt. Emotional stress, environmental stress, social stress and so on. And if they were exposed to a toxic substance that you've never got in contact with, you can suffer an illness due to their exposure. This BBC documentary explains it all... The Ghost in your Genes. You are not only what you eat, you are what your grand mother ate! 

Looking at these people from the early 1900, you can so imagine them in modern clothes, seeing them down town, taking on the cellphone, being integrated in a modern society ^_^ My grand grand fater, the young man getting married on this photo is Einar Törning. He worked as a decorater at Uppsala Ekeby making wonderful Art Deco pieces you just have to love! Some of his work was later sold to america. 

Selina Eleonóra's Swedish wedding year 1914

Over to some macaroons I've been working on quite some time now. These are for my second dessert eBook.. Very nutritious and fun to make. 

Take Care and lots of Loooove to ya!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Making raw cinnamon rolls~ 

We've been capturing my parents house out in the countryside for a while now (I have been loosing track of the days, which indeed is a result of the nature taking over my mind... aaaah!) They are out traveling so we couldn't miss the opportunity to escape the city for a week of working, chilling and reconnecting. We still have sauna bathing on our schedule :) And making a bonfire out in the forrest. Connecting with the elements is vital for my wellbeing. 

Earlier this week we had the Day of the Cinnamon roll in Sweden, so I figured I could try make some in a raw version. I've been wanting to try to roll a raw dough in the making of different desserts and it wasn't as tricky as I imagined. Though not like rolling a non raw dough. You could do it with nut flour as you would roll a non raw dough (but with wheat flour), or use plastic film. I rolled these buns using plastic film. I made a fatty, salty, sweet and spicy filling and sprinkled with bee pollen. You will see more of these babies later.  

This is a very nutritious smoothie with immune boosting ingredients such as the raw coconut butter/oil, the berries and purple corn. Antioxidants and a good quality fat is just what you need when it's getting chilly and dark.

Back to summer berry~smoothie, serves 2
• 2 bananas
• 1/2 - 0,8 cups strawberries
• 1/2 cup raspberries
• 2 table spoons of coconut butter
• 2 dessertspoons of purple corn
In a blender, mix until smooth.


Tillbaka till sommaren bär~smooties, 2 glas
• 2 bananer
• 1,5-2 dl jordgubbar
• 1,5 dl hallon
• 2 rågade msk rumsmjukt cocosfett 
• 2 tsk purple corn
Mixa tills smooth i en blender.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fruit and chocolate breakfast recipes

Beloved Crew of the Mothership! Hi and good gorgeous morning  ---<----<@

There's nothing like a good start of the day, and what could be a better start than of delicious healthy raw food? J got this chocolate mousse for breakfast this morning, I got myself two big cups of Yerba Mate tea, that awaken a tired head like nothing else... I drink it in the mornings and around 15 a clock. Can't get enough of green tea.

Love raw's Spicy Breakfast Chocolate Mousse

• 3/4 cup cashew nuts
• 3 pinches of salt
• 1/4 dessertspoon real vanilla (seeds)
• 1/2 table spoon mesquite
• 1 table spoon kakao powder
• 1/2 dessertspoon cinnamon
• 1/2 dessertspoon clove powder
• 1/3 cup water
• 1/2 table spoon yacon sirup
• 1,5 table spoon agave nectar
• 2,5 table spoon coconut butter (at room temperature)

In a food processor mix all de dry ingredients into a flour. Then add the rest of the ingredients and process until smooth. Put in the fridge for until hard. Put the mousse in a pastry bag and make a swirl in glasses. Decorate with some pecans and cashews.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Love Raw's Kryddiga Frukost-Chokladmousse

• 2 dl cashewnötter
• 3 nypor salt
• 1 krm äkta vanilj
• 1/2 msk mesquite pulver
• 1 msk raw kakao
• 3 puffar kanel
• 3 puffar nejlika
• 1 dl vatten
• 1/2 msk yacon sirap
• 1,5 msk agave nectar
• 2,5 msk cocos fett (rums mjukt)

Mixa först de torra ingredienserna till ett mjöl och tillsätt sen resten. Mixa tills du fått en riktigt smooth kräm, ställ i kylen tills stel, spritsa sen i glas och dekorera med pecannötter och cashews.

This is another breakfast favorite, a simple fruit salad. I find it to be grounding for the entire body. Some of this, a cup of yerba mate tea and yoga in the nature lifts your day to higher dimensions..

A simple Morning Fruit salad

• 2 bananas
• 1 mango
• 2-3 kiwis
• a handfull of raisins
• a handfull of cashews
• green grapes as many as you like
• 1 big apple

Rinse, peel and cut the fruits and put in a nice bowl. Pour some agave nectar on top. Always buy organic fruits to raise the vibration of the food.

Enjoying the first rays of autumn, doing hatha yoga by the Black Creek in the most beautiful surrounding. You can almost see the fairies flying around. It's amazing to feel the differences in your body after a session.. And how your body tunes in with the positions a little bit better every time.

~Swedish autumn~


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blueberry creations and Japanese raw food!

Good morning beautiful, groovy folks! ...The strongest of the strong ~§~ The colors of every future autumn leaf that dresses blue skies.. Tickling the arms and fingers of Ents. May it be a good, good morning! 

These blueberry glasses filled with a dreamy experience was of a great liking to mr J. To the mere fact that his eyes rolled back in his head, haha.. Me myself wasn't really jumping of my chair, not that I didn't like them, It was just that they tasted how I would imagine. Like drinkable Blueberry Pie. 

Now to something really cute and interesting :) I got an email from a japanese girl the other day, writing that she too has a raw food blog, you can check it out here. I've been fan of japanese culture for years. I find it to be a bottomless source of fascination, inspiration and avantgarde curiousness.  I get a lovely down-to-earth, hands-on feeling about her raw food.. 

Much love (and remember to always have a childs mind. To play more).


Sunday, August 8, 2010

The radio show and Morning Maca Smoothie

And so finally the swedish radio show from earlier this summer, featuring me making a raw food cherry~chocolate pie is broadcasted.. I didn't listen to it too closely though, as I don't like to hear my own voice. Funny enough because Im a gemini, having an astrological reputation of wanting to talk, talk, talk rapidly and loving to listen to one's own voice. Here's the show.

Anyhow.. It's been a magic august week here. We have been eating all sorts of tasty raw desserts, and more is coming up. Right now Im in the process of making, hopefully, an out of this world gorgeous lime pie. Im going to try to use irish moss again, despite two failed attempts already. I on the other hand have been fed so much good music, from morning to night.

Morning Maca Smoothie

• a handfull of cashew nuts
• 1/2 banana
• 1 tablespoon maca
• 1 dessert spoon mesquite
• a dash of cinnamon and kardamom
• 1 1/4 cup oat milk, nut milk or water (3 dl)

Granola: goji berries, shredded coconuts, cacao nibs,
pistachio nuts and some honey.

Mix the ingredients in a blender until smooth, and then sprinkle the granola on top.



Monday, June 21, 2010


Kärlekens vingslag, i toner av blått. En skarp upplevelse av något bekant, har lagt sig tillrätta inombords som en ny känsla av stadig närvaro. Närvaro av något renare, klarare, tydligare, djupare, enklare.. Jag har fått dra(k)g~hjälp av en speciell person, ja han; alfa-hannen under några bevingade dagar i helgen. Halvslumrande styrkor har fått nya vingar, allt är möjligt.. :) Inget är av en garanti och det är helt ok och tryggt, självklart hur de framtida stenarna på min livsväg än må se ut. Jag tar emot i tacksamhet det som kommer och dväljs inte åt något håll. Håller mig centrerad i det som Är. Där Är jag. Förvrirrad har jag varit i min tidiga ungdom, nu finns bara tilliten att vila i. Förvirring förvirrar ju, så varför vara förvirrad? Vägen skapas för varje steg man tar så ta steget istället för att för-virra. Låt steget leda dig. Eller sitt helt sonika och vänta på att nått ska hända. Funkar lika bra. Polyamorisk attityd har verkligen kopplat loss mig som ett lok från tunga vagnar att dra. Nu reser loket ensamt, starkare än någonsin, gladare än någonsin, friare och mer trygg och hel i sig själv än någonsin. Att ta ansvar, känna omsorg, vilja växa och mogna, vilja vägra kompromissa med vissa delar, vilja ge en kompromiss som en gåva av andra delar, se hur man förvandlas när man kompromissade.. ..i sina relationer. Medvetet växande. Att ge respekten och vördnaden för någon annan det första rummet.

En gåva tog han med sig. Den hade han hittat i sitt garage, massvis av pimpiga hippie-ringar med fina stenar och ett väldigt fint hantverk. De lämnade han över till mig. Helt otroligt fint, något av det finaste jag fått måste jag ärligt säga. Lite som att, välj vilken ring du vill, det finns många. Många vägar, många möjligheter. Tio fingrar att bära dem på (fast hade två ringar i en läderrem runt höften och en runt halsen). En ring är som en bekräftelse på en avsikt. Fingrarna är avsikten. De strålar ut vilja, intention. Tänk efter själv, vad gör du med fingrarna? Du pekar beskrivande, pekar uppmanande, pekar för att förtydliga, förstärka, locka, visa vägen. Att få en ring hade varit nog, men två händer fulla är bara ett sånt Överflöd av ringmagi..

Vi har pratat växtandar; plant spirits och funnit som ett djupt, gömt gemensamt intresse som jag tror växer mer och mer. Det finns ett litet frö där som vill växa kanske. För det är ju ingen slump att man möts, dras vill vissa människor. Cirklar ska avslutas och börjas. Gamla trådar ska tas upp och ges nytt liv och olika partnerskap ska bildas. Vi har fått en behövlig Miyazaki-dos, spelat fyllig, tung techno (lite för högt och lite för sent på söndagnatten, men vaffan..), chillat vid vattnet, lagat god mat, hatha yogat, qi gongat och bara haft en allmänt skittrevlig tid. Och jag har slagit till med semi-norrländska eftersom Han talar norrländska. Klingande och vackert.

Synkroniciteterna har duggat tätt. Det visade sig att denna Hanne har träffat min morbror. Minsann.. När jag sa min morbrors namn sken han upp och med extra bred norrländska "J** S**********?!? Han har varit hemma hos oss, han är god vän med min pappa."

Tidigare under dagen hade en talgoxe hoppat in genom glipan i mitt fönster, helt orädd - bara nyfiken och regnvåt. Den flög in i rummet iakktagen av våra förundrade blickar och hittade sin väg ut igen genom vindsfönstret. Vi tittade på varandra och skrattade som barn. Bara det att fågeln kom en gång till...!! Samma fågel, hoppade in genom samma glipa i fönstret och satte sig i snöret på min björkkrans, flög vidare till samma takfönster och stack iväg. Talgoxens budskap i Solögas djurlexikon är "slappna av och ha tillit - du är på helt rätt spår". Den kom två gånger med budskapet, så vi fick väl ett varsitt..

En rejäl frukost på banan, massa skalade hampafrön, havremjölk, kakaonibbs, kakao, maca och suma. En bättre start på dagen kan man väl inte få? :D Den gillades mycket i alla fall, härligt att kunna strö lite kako-magi över någon man vill skämma bort mer än mycket.

Lyssnar, dansar med stor glädje till Mayapuris "Shiva shiva" nu. Den ger melodi åt tillståndet i hjärtat :) Nu vill jag bara dansa barfota med andra hippisar på nån strand nånstans, äta Hari Bol:ar, kramas och hooka med okända vänner. Jag vill se vackra män som omfamnat sin inre gud, som strålar gränslösa flöden av kärlek. Må alla män vakna upp. Och alla kvinnor.. :) Må vi alla vakna upp till vår rätta gudomliga natur. Vi är redan där. Vi ska bara förstå det.

..Och kärleken till min Pacarina Mälaren, min "födslosjö" är stor. Hon har hjälpt mig mycket. Det är goda stunder att sitta vid hennes sida, med bara fötter och känna på solens livgivande strålar. Goda stunder att känna de nya energierna i hjärtat som virvlar runt så fint och närande. Goda tider kommer, bättre tider kommer. Tider av sant skapande, i gemenskap med likasinnade. Som att ens rattar har blivit tunade på en högre, stadigare frekvens i flödet av Universums vilja istället för bruset av egots begär. Antennerna har växt sig längre, alltjämt strävande mot bröder och systrar bland stjärnorna. Det är fint att vara människa~

Kärleken och sommaren,
går hand i hand,
genom ett virvlande sagoland.

Långt bort i horisonten,
kan ett drakmoln skymtas,
en sån snäll drake, ingen som eld grymtar.

Det är inte många som ser honom där uppe i skyn,
det krävs en annan drakes örna-syn.
Där har han väntat i mången dar,
på att hitta en pluspol till sin minuspol, för att bilda ett par.



Friday, June 11, 2010


Nu har roliga Lotta åkt hem efter radiointervjun idag. Jag lagade en chokladpaj med körsbär medans hon intervjuade. Vi fikade, pratade män, polyamori, semesterplaner och hon inspekterade och plåtade mitt kylskåp och jag fick berätta och redogöra för ALLT i kylskåpet. Hon höll på att kvälja upp bipollenet jag gav henne, så jag åt upp det hon inte pallade :D Hon tittade i mina burkar, sniffade och inspekterade. En märklig känsla när nån plåtar rakt in i ens kylskåp för att lägga ut på P1's hemsida.. Haha..

Min paj fick 8 mickar av 10 möjliga. Hennes reaktion när hon smakat på chokladmoussen var helt klart värmande.. Ja ni får höra sen. Materialet ska klippas ihop och sen sändas i sommar men när är ännu oklart.



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