Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Ultimate Comfort Cookies

Happy wednesday my Friend!

Bright as a button today are we? ...Or maybe not? Either way I got one perfect excuse for you to roll up your sleeves and spend 15 minutes to make these cookies weather you want to celebrate an awesome day or pick your self up from a not so good one. The ultimate celebration cookies or comfort cookies! They are chewy, of a cookie dough consistency and full of heavy chocolate flavors. Who can resist that?! Oh yeah, they are healthy too!

Made of prunes, pumpkin seed flour (that you can easily make), some virgin coconut oil, raw cacao, agave/honey and vanilla - they are easy peasy to make.

Health benefits of Prunes:
[Prunes are dried plums]

• Contains a unique phytochemical (plant chemical) called neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid. These are antioxidants that are damage-preventing, neutralizing a particularly dangerous oxygen radical. Prunes also prevent oxygen-based damage to fats. Since our cell membranes and brain cells consists of fat you can image the importance of the these antioxidants.

• Prunes are full of beta-carotene (vitamin A). Just a quarter of a cup will give you 17% of the daily need of vitamin A. So this recipe gives you nearly 70% or your daily need for vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes a beautiful, clear skin and healthy complexion. It also helps preventing wrinkles and acne. Beta-carotene has been shown in studies to be helpful to prevent a variety of diseases like atherosclerosis, diabetic heart disease and colon cancer, it is also useful for reducing inflammatory conditions like asthma, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

• Prunes are rich in potassium. The mineral that is needed for bone health and mental stability. The "15 minutes Chocolate Fudge Cookie" recipe gives you 35% of your daily need of potassium.

• Fibre! Prunes contain water soluble fibers, that helps normalize blood sugar = temper and energy, prolonging the feeling of satiety = helps in weight loss. They also prevent constipation = detoxifying. Eating high water-soluble fibre foods like prunes, figs, nuts, flax, fruits, psyllium) helps prevent heart disease and a study involving older women showed a 34% reduction in breast cancer risk for those consuming the most water soluble fruit fibers.

Friendly bacteria. Prunes provides nutrition for the friendly bacteria in the large intestine that is needed for a healthy colon. Healthy colon means beautiful skin and better immune system.

• Prunes increase the absorption of iron.

15 minutes Chocolate Fudge Cookies
[Swedish further down]

• 1 cup of Prunes (moist)
• 0.5 cup raw Cacao
• 2 tablespoons virgin Coconut oil
• 1 cup Pumpkin seeds (make into a flour)
• 2.5 tablespoons Honey or Agave nectar
• 1/4 teaspoon real Vanilla
• 2 small pinches of Himalayan salt

Grind the Pumpkin seeds into a fine flour in a coffee grinder or blender. Put aside in a bowl. To the bowl add the dry ingredients (Cacao, Salt and Vanilla and stir by hand.) Add the moist Prunes to a food processor and process until you have a "prune-paste". Put the paste in the bowl with the dry ingredients and add the Coconut oil and Honey/Agave to the bowl and start massaging with your hands until you have a dough ball.

Roll small balls of the dough, flatten them into patties and use a fork to make stripes. Eat them as they are or put them in the fridge to eat them cold.

15 minutes Choklad-Fudge Kakor

• 2 dl Katrinplommon (färska och mjuka)
• 1 dl raw Kakaopulver
• 2 msk virgin Cocosolja
• 2 dl Pumpakärnor (mals till fint mjöl)
• 2.5 msk Agavenectar alt. honung
• 1/4 tsk äkta Vanilj 
• 2 små nypor Himalayasalt

Börja med att göra ett fint mjöl av Pumpakärnorna. Häll mjölet i en skål och ställ åt sidan. Tillsätt till skålen resten av de torra ingredienserna (Kakaon, Vanilj och Salt). Rör om noga med en sked så det blandas. Tillsätt Katrinplommonen till matberedaren och processa tills du har en "pasta". Lägg pastan i skålen med de torra ingredienserna och tillsätt Cocosoljan och Agaven / honungen. 

Knåda ihop allt med dina händer och rulla sen till små bollar som du plattar till lätt och drar en gaffel över för att skapa ränder. Ät som de är eller ställ i kylen för att avnjutas kalla. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Climbing higher and Pecan & Fig bars!

Namasé beautiful beings!

We went climbing today, my first time. Exiting and quite scary with my first attempt to climb to the top. I've always thought that "that's nooo game for me", but once you're up there, you see it from a new angle sort of speak :) As I'm a bit afraid of heights, this was a challenge. I could feel a panic attack coming, so I wasn't up for pushing my limits. But before we left I had another go and went almost all the way to the top. Having done this, something sublime falls into place, as I'm planning on taking my raw dessert making to the next level. Climbing was a symbolically important ritual that I will carry with me in my planning and creating.

Looking at the dessert work I've done lately, I can clearly say that I'm in a "cookie & snack" phase now.. :) Today I made these Pecan and fig bars that turned out really good! I love a good, moist bar with lots of flavor. The crisp, crunchy ones are great too, but if you are really hungry and out and running, these will fill you up better than a crispy bar would.

Want the recipe of these bars? Sign up to my eLetter in the top of the right menu and you will receive the recipe in the end of november!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 11-11-11 and Chia heart Cookies!

Happy 11-11-11 day to You!

Did you know that you can change your DNA by simply exposing your mind to high vibrant words? If you are familiar to the work of Mr. Masaru Emoto, the japanese scientist who photographs ice crystals  after the water has been exposed to different words, like "love", "gratitude", "peace" and other high frequency words, forms the most beautiful and well structurued ice crystals. Keeping this in mind, and the fact that our body is up to 70% of water.. You quickly realize how easy it is to put the entire you in a different wavelength, when working with words. This fascinates me, and I'm trying to sneak in good vibe words in my daily life (as well as affirmations). Filling up with not only physical nutrition, but also frequency nutrition is equally as important. 

How it's done

• Repeat a sentence with good vibe words to re-progam yourself, like "I am Healthy", "My life is a Miracle", "My Dreams comes True", or what ever you need to fill up with a couple of times every day, you will feel the shift inside. 

• You can also put a glass of water on top of a note with a high frequent word, and this will load the  water with that frequency for you to benefit from while hydrating. 

I made some chia cookies yesterday, just for the sake of playing around with chia gel, this time in orange juice. They became rather "leather like" in the dehydrator. They certainly must be some sort of "Lambas Raw Cookies". Every bite is maximized with nutrition! Dipped in melted raw chocolate and sprinkled with some extra chia seeds. And the combination of orange, cinnamon and apricot goes so well together!

Chia Hearts, makes 10 (nut free).
Swedish further down

• 1/4 cup Pumpkin seeds
• 1/4 cup Orange juice + 2 tablespoons Chia = Chia gel
• 1 tablespoon Mesquite
• 1 pinch Himalayan salt
• 1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon
• 3 dried, soft Apricots
• 2 teaspoons Agave nectar
• 4-5 tablespoons Water

Grind the Pumpkin seeds into a flour. Add the Chia to the Orange juice and stir, let it soak for about 10 minutes. Now add the Pumpkinseed flour and Chia gel with the rest of the ingredients to the food processor and process until you have a rather loose dough.

Spread the dough evenly on a teflex sheet using a spatula, put on a mesh tray and let it dry in the dehydrator for 8 hours. Remove the teflex sheet after about 6 hours. You do this by carefully folding the side of the teflex sheet underneath the dough, and slowly pull it to expose. Or, put another tray on top and flip!

When the dough has become "leather like", use a heart shaped cookie cutter and start stamping the dough!

Melted Chocolate

• 2 tablespoons virgin Coconut oil
• 2 tablespoons raw Cacao powder
• 1 tablespoon Agave nectar

Melt the Coconut oil in a water bath or in the dehydrator. Add the Cacao and Agave, stir by hand. Wait until the chocolate thickens before you dip the hearts. Sprinkle some Chia seeds over the chocolate covered hearts before the chocolate hardens so they stick to the chocolate.

If you like my recipes you will love my ebook The Raw Dessert Revolution! Chek it out here.

Chiahjärtan, blir ca 10 st. Nötfria.

• 1 dl Pumpakärnor
• 1 dl Apelsinjos + 2 msk Chiafrön = Chiagel.
• 1 msk Mesquite
• 1 nypa Himalayasalt
• 1 krm Kanel
• 3 torkade Aprikoser (välj de mjukaste)
• 2 tsk Agave nektar
• 0.5 dl Vatten

Gör ett mjöl av Pumpakärnorna i en elektrisk kaffekvarn. Förbered Chiagelen genom att blötlägga Chiafröna i Apelsinjosen och låt svälla i ca 10 min. Tillsätt nu Pumpakärnmjölet och Chiagelen med resten av ingredienserna till en matberedare och processa tills du får en rätt lös deg. 

Bred degen över en vaxat bakplåtspapper (teflex sheet) med hjälp av en slickepott, och lägg upp upp det på torkbrickan som tillhör torkugnen. Låt torka i 8 timmar. Dra av bakplåtspappret efter 6 timmar, genom att försiktigt vika in ena sidan under degen och dra den underifrån. Torka vidare i ett par timmar. 

Stansa sen ut hjärtan med en kakform. 

Smält choklad

• 2 msk virgin Cocosolja
• 2 msk raw Kakaopulver
• 1 msk Agave nektar

Smält Cocosoljan i ett vattenbad eller i torkugnen. Rör sen i Kakaon och Agaven för hand. Vänta tills chokladen tjocknat endel innan du doppar i hjärtana. Strössla lite chiafrön över chokladen sen innan den har hunnit stelna på hjärtat.

Om du gillar mina recept kommer du älska recepten i min ebok The Dessert Revolution (på svenska). Ta en titt här!


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