My Ebooks

In this book, you will learn.. you can quickly whip up delicious cheesecakes that melt in your mouth, you can easily make beautiful swirls of cheesecakes and pies,
...about the nutrition and health effects of the ingredients in the recipes, to work with your food processor / blender to create super smooth fillings, to enhance any flavor of your raw desserts, by using a few simple ingredients, to make raw nut, seed or coconut milks, to make a date paste and nut flour, to make a water bath in the making of raw chocolate, to make quick and simple pie crusts and cake bases with a few ingredients, to soak and sprout nuts, which nuts need to be soaked and which do not, you make and use Irish moss gel, that is a seaweed that works as vegan gelatin. to work with a dehydrator oven (which is only needed for one recipe in the book, but you can also do it without a dehydrator).


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