Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dessert eBook update: Stars and stripe Tiramisu and healing crisises

There is a beautiful winter day here. A serenity lies in the air. Something is going on behind the scenes, but I don't now what yet. I just sense that it's  g o o d... It's like santa and all the gnomes is working overtime to create an abundance of... good stuff! I spent some time in the forest close to my home today. I was standing there taking some photos and I just felt like looking up in the sky. Over me flew 9 white swans in a line, they didn't make any noise, just some ultra light swooshes from the feathers as they flew. For me that means a lot, not only the beauty of it, but other things. In my world nothing "just happens". Everything is connected in an intelligent and beautiful way. And you are right on the spot where you need to be. 

Back to the swans, nine of them. Nine happens to be the number of enclosure, end of cycles (and a great moovie). 
Im not surprised. The number nine have been showing up a little too often recently to not have a significant roll in my life where Im at right now. A great, huge process is coming to an end. They were snow white; the color of purity, healing, new beginnings, all things coming together and form something new (if you blend all colors you get white) and swans symbols of being messengers of new insights and creative inspiration. So it looks like I have something nice to expect for the future. ^_^

The theme for today has been my healing crisis. This perticular one is one that I've been struggling with since an early age, and it sits so deep, are so massive that the only way to handle it has been to release some steam every now and then by just go with the flow whenever I felt sad about this thing. It's like the space that is me, my essence is getting tighter. At the same time starting to fill up with things I have defined (dreams, identity, experiences, know how, all the steps behind me on my path..). So the space is getting crowded and there are simply no longer room for old wounds any more. The wounds are being forced out from the center to the surface where I can deal with them and heal. This doesn't only apply to me, this is something typical for the time we're in now. There are some work to be done, but most of the work, luckily, is behind us. The only way out is through... You got to dive deep into it and surf the waves of emotions with a sharp presence (you know, being the "Observer") and things will be getting smoother and smoother whatever there is that you need to face. 

If you, at the same time, know within yourself that you are guided, loved, that you are utterly important beyond your wildest dreams, and that your journey is so, so beautiful with all that you are struggling with, then you might even have a pleasant healing crisis. But there are an exit door.. The exit consist of STOP STRUGGLING, but I know that a lot of you guys already know this, which is super-superb! 
The best way to stop struggle is to accept things for what they are, which means, to accept the now, loving what Is. Just look at it without judgement, values, beliefs, convictions and that sort of mind-made rubbish. You don't need it anyway. Most of our beliefs and convictions are made during our childhood and the mere part of us are unaware of them, from where we got them and how they prison our daily lives. We deserve to be free as a white swan in the sky; open, true, receptive, connected, giving and receiving. 

And now to the tiramisu. This was another eyes-rolled-back-in-his-head-dessert as I tested it on mr J. I remade the first batch and yes! My eyes were behaving the exact same way. It is called "food orgasm" in another word ;) Stairway to heaven, super-safe sex ;D 

Have a nice week and see you soon!

Kisses and lots of Love~

And if you didn't pick up your free mini ebook yet, here's the link again.



Felic Pear said...

The shot where you can see a bit of your face is BEAUTIFUL, like you :)

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Thank you Felice :) Glad you like my photos!

Gabriele Agustini said...

I'd like to wish you and your loved ones a glorious Holiday Season!!
Much love,

Sanna said...

Hej, länken funkar inte för mig heller, har försökt flera gånger...

Elsa said...

Hej, det funkar inte för mig att beställa mini eboken heller, har också försökt flera gånger.

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Hej Sanna och Elsa! Vi har haft strul i med automatiseringen idag, försök i morgon vid lunch, eller mejla mig så skickar jag!



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