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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

Few people are aware that they are a so called HSP-person, a highly sensitive person. I went for years, not understanding why I felt so overwhelmed by noise, crowds, urban environments, traveling, changes, new situations and that I could be exhausted and get detox symptoms if there were too much change at once.

When something have happened in my life, say a new situation I need to adjust to, I usually have one night that I'm really ill and need to crawl into bed, shaky, sick to my stomach, really tense and heavy at the same time. I got one night like that when our new cat arrived, because I needed to take in his energies in my system (maybe sounds wierd, but that's how I work. I take in all that is new to digest it, it happens automatically). I then lie on my Shakti mat, and sometimes put some lavender, lemon or mint oil on my forehead and just focussing on my breathing until I fall a sleep.

On an energy level, it is as if the energy is vibrating and bouncing back and forth, giving some sort of a sea-sick effect. Like my entire system is adjusting from one place to the new one, and the energy is trying to find it's way. The next day everything is back to normal, yet not, because the new energy has found it's way during the night, and the old dropped off.

HSP, is not a disorder. It's a personal trait. It can involve shyness and an introvert personality, but it doesn't always take that expression. It can also be an openness, receptiveness, spontaneous and instinctive expression. Like you are a bit more like an animal than a human from time to time. 

As a HSP you need to protect yourself from situations that can drain your energy and be too stressful. We have different stress-triggors, but one of the worst for me, is to have too many things going on during the day, visiting large cities and crowds. In the nature, it's like all that extra, heavy energy that is creating this inner pressure and makes you like an alien in your own body, is neutralized and sucked up. Nature is the best battery-charger ever <3

You simply need to find the life path that fit your needs and don't compromise with your inner health. Having that integrity can be the biggest challenge of all. Here are some advices:

• Spend time alone, on a daily basis, and longer periods whenever you need to. Specially in nature, near water, on a mountain or in a beautiful sunset, whatever suits you the most. This can put some extra demands on your partner / family members, as your need to be alone can mean for days, weeks or months in a row. 

• Spend time with kids and animals. They are naturally open and sensitive, so you're on the same level.

• Clear the clutter in your home. Create a calm and harmonious environment for you to withdraw and be in your own energies. Don't surround yourself with belongings with old energies that keeps you in the past. Listen to your favorite music. Keep the light soft and in warm colors. Have lots of plants!

• Lern how to set boundaries and communicate them to people around you. Simply explain what you need, and what doesn't work for you. Don't expect others to understand you, the point is for them to respect your needs.

• Break the habit of wanting to please others. HSP are highly emphatics and often care way more of others than themselves. Don't be a doormat, be a Bitch if you need to! You probably need to learn how to give tit for tat and not linger on in guilt about it. Honesty, even if it can be upsetting, is an act of Love. Dishonest = faking = not so loving. 

• Avoid heavy perfumes and everything artificial. Try to use natural products for your skin and hair care. Washing powder can be exchanged to soap nuts, perfumes to aroma oils (...have you ever smelled Neroli?? ;) Try Sandalwood and Patchouli for men. Neroli and Jasmin for women. 

• Massage, intimacy and sex. Plenty! It releases serotonin, inner pressure and neutralizes energy. 

• Do anything creative. It helps your brain to relax, as do meditation, yoga, singing, painting, gardening, decorating, dancing and horseback riding. Anything that activates the right half of your brain, and quiet your thoughts.

• Have a regular eat and sleep pattern. Be careful not to under eat. Balance your blood sugar. 

• Trust your instincts and intuition. Learn how to develop and incorporate your intuition in all you do in your daily life. This will help you to better tune in to your needs and find that ever so important integrity.

• And last: be proud of who you are! Your sensitiveness is a great asset, that you probably need to get to know better. Don't hide, don't excuse yourself, don't compromise. Aim to live your life to the fullest, only find your own path that suits you the best. 

Elaine Aron Ph.D, talks about her reasarch of highly sensitives. She has a website where you can test if you are a HSP. Do the test here!

Maca, Chia, Cacao and Purple corn-smoothie!

The balancing smoothie for two (swedish further down!)

To refill your energy levels, nutrition is key. This smoothie contains Maca, Cacao, Chia and Purple corn, which is an upgraded version of the "Chicha Morada", the refreshing drink the Andean people used to drink. It promotes healthy blood sugar levels, blood flow, boost cardiac health, increases hormonal balance, stamina, is a sexual booster and an antioxidant powerhouse!  

• 3 bananas
• 1 cup oat milk, water, almond milk or soy milk.
• 2 tbsp Chia 
• 1 tbsp raw Cacao
• 1 tbsp Purple corn
• 1 tbsp Maca

In a blender, mix until smooth!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Balanserande Smoothie, 2 glas

• 3 bananer
• 2 dl havremjölk, vatten, sojamjölk eller mandelmjölk. 
• 2 msk Chiafrön
• 1 msk raw Kakao
• 1 msk Purple corn
• 1 msk Maca

Mixas slät i en blender! Njut av effekten smoothisen har i din kropp - det förtjänar du!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Maca: is an adaptogen herb, that will bring balance to your body weather you are stressed, tired, emotional or un-centered. It works both physically and emotionally (depression and anxiety). It's great for all the glands in the body and heals hormonal imbalances. It has 18 aminoacids and increases oxygen in the blood. 

Chia: is the seed that the Incan indians used to enhance their endurance during battle and long distance walks. It has an ability to store water, as the seed swells in contact with water and forms a gel like a seal around the seed. The body is able to absorb the nutrition even if the seeds are whole. They contain about 60% omega 3 fatty acids. Athletes use Chia to maximize their exercise. Free from gluten. 

Purple corn: the unusual purple corn has amazing healing properties! It's one of natures riches sources of antioxidants (6 of them) that lowers the cholesterol, increases the circulation and sooth inflammations. It stimulates the connective tissue / collagen so that it firms up, giving you a younger looking skin! It swipes away free radicals from the body, making it a superb anti-cancer food. It boosts mental clarity. Free from gluten. 

Raw Cacao: the bright-as-a-button-super food! Keeps your mood in great shape! Cacao makes us younger, happier, sexier, extatic, high, euforic, helps in loosing weight... If that wasn't enough, it's a great anti-cancer food and can greatly lower the risk for heart problems.

Learn more about super foods on my webshop (in swedish). 

Take great care, because you are Valuable beyond measure....




Ellinor said...

Tack för infon Karro! Kul att det börjar forskas om såna som oss :) Så att vi sdlipper medicineras o kallas både dte ena o de andra. Vi är ju bara känsliga :) Tack iaf, lämnade kvar en helande känsla i mitt inre. Nu ska jah kollain din webshop o se om jah ska beställa hem nåt gott :) Ha en ljuvlig måndag.

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Åh vad fint att det kändes bra i ditt inre <3
Puss, puss :)

Athena said...

I am an HSP as well. I think that's part of the reason I have been drawn to a raw vegan diet! I just found your blog and I love it!

celia said...

Everything you were saying i related to. I'm going to take the test, but i'm pretty sure i'm a HSP-person.

Thank you for posting this Karolina! Your blog is so beautiful.

terese said...

I'm just thrilled to have found your blog. Your recipes are incredible, I'm so excited to try them, and share them with my friends.

This particular post about HSP is truly a gift. Its been a difficult road for me, having this trait, but now I feel relieved knowing my experience can be shared with many others.

Thank you!


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