Thursday, November 17, 2011

Climbing higher and Pecan & Fig bars!

Namasé beautiful beings!

We went climbing today, my first time. Exiting and quite scary with my first attempt to climb to the top. I've always thought that "that's nooo game for me", but once you're up there, you see it from a new angle sort of speak :) As I'm a bit afraid of heights, this was a challenge. I could feel a panic attack coming, so I wasn't up for pushing my limits. But before we left I had another go and went almost all the way to the top. Having done this, something sublime falls into place, as I'm planning on taking my raw dessert making to the next level. Climbing was a symbolically important ritual that I will carry with me in my planning and creating.

Looking at the dessert work I've done lately, I can clearly say that I'm in a "cookie & snack" phase now.. :) Today I made these Pecan and fig bars that turned out really good! I love a good, moist bar with lots of flavor. The crisp, crunchy ones are great too, but if you are really hungry and out and running, these will fill you up better than a crispy bar would.

Want the recipe of these bars? Sign up to my eLetter in the top of the right menu and you will receive the recipe in the end of november!


Anonymous said...

It was fun trying indoors climbing! Maybe I can trick you to come along again some other time. ;)


Mary Sane said...

Vad duktig du är på food styling! Verkligen impad.

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Daniel: Yeah! A new experience ^^

Mary Sane: Tack fina! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm dying to try your Pecan and fig bar recipe, and I signed up to receive your updates, but it sent a lemon dessert recipe (which looks great) instead. How can I get the bar recipe?

Sarah said...

Hello, I have basically the same question as Anonymous.
Since this was posted a few years ago, how can I get this recipe since it probably won't be in the November 2013 issue of your newsletter?
Thank you


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