Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finding your Path and a simple Chia Pudding

Konichiwa brothers and sisters! I hope you are well and shining.

The journey continues.. If you read my previous post about cracking up and being a new born, this post is about how to move on to find your path.

I had yet another intense weekend, spent with the psychic / channel / healer Michelle Phillips in Stockholm on one of her master workshops. Boy did I get what I was looking for! We spent roughly 20 hours meditating, deleting old programmings from or bodies and systems that block who we really are and got rid of a lot of old karmic stuff. 

Before the workshop I had a private session with Michelle where she went into tree past lifes that was blocking me. In all of the three lives, I had left my family to live an unusual life. One as an orphan girl ending up as a prostitute in a saloon, one as an italian catholic girl wanting to be a musician (which at the time was totally unacceptable) and one in Greece as a high priestess living in a temple where I taught students. I got tired of the life in the temple and ran away to follow the man I loved.

All of the past three lives I wanted to break free to do my own thing, ended up in disaster and death. ..So sometimes, following your dream can be tricky if you have previous experiences that scare you and hold you back.

On a relationship level you have the difficult kind of relationships that seem to get nowhere and you only hurt eatch other to the point where you wonder why should you hang out with that person at all? The reason for it is that you have a "karmic agreement" that binds you to that person, leaving you with everything but peace. But until you do the work and release these karmic patterns, you will still have that relationship bugging you. And of course the closer you are to that person, the worse :) Forgiveness and integrity is the key, unless you find someone that can help you to cut the cords so that you get that deeper sense of peace. 

After the workshop I feel more free than ever,  ready to embark on my new life path. I got exactly what I wanted to achieve and feel that my new path will become clearer and clearer day by day.

Many people feel an identity loss now. That the old dreams and goals no longer feels as exiting any more, that you don't really know who you are any longer. Also that life it self feels like a big blur and that you have no clue on where to go next.

Or, you drop your old dreams and identity, only to find that there's a 1.2 version of them! This is where I find my new path, but it's a combination of upgrading old dreams and finding a whole new area to explore. And thanks to the past life session with Michelle, I can see clearly how I need to act and what's been stoping me.

Over in my kitchen, I made this simple Chia Pudding with berries that works great as breakfast! You can adjust the sweetness to your liking (I made it quite tart) so putting some pieces of dates or raisins in it would be nice. Also the riper the banana is, the sweeter the taste.

Simple Chia-Berry Pudding
(In Swedish further down)

• 1 ripe Banana
• 0.5 cup Blueberries
• 1 cup Raspberries
• 0.5 cup Water
• 3 tablespoons Chia seeds
• 2 teaspoons light Agave or 1/4 teaspoon Stevia powder

Optional Super foods: 2 teaspoons Acaí berry powder and / or 1 teaspoon Camu camu.

Add all of the ingredients to a blender and process until incorporated. Let the pudding chill in the fridge overnight, if you want the seeds to fully swell.

Enkel Chia Pudding med Bär

• 1 mogen Banan
• 1 dl Blåbär
• 2 dl Hallon
• 1 dl Vatten
• 3 msk Chia frön
• 2 tsk ljus Agave eller 1 krm Stevia pulver

Förslag på extra Super foods: 2 tsk Acaí bärpulver och / eller 1 tsk Camu camu

Tillsätt alla ingredienser till en blender och mixa tills blandat. Låt puddingen svälla i kylen över natten för en tjockare konsistens.

How do you like your Chia pudding best?

Hugs & Love
/Karolina Eleonora~


Amy said...

This pudding sounds so delicious and even better all of the nutrition it packs! I should make this, I have all of the ingredients!

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Yes do it! :D

Hugs & Love

Anna said...

Många fastnar lätt i sina gamla hjulspår och vågar inte blomma ut.
I dagens samhälle måste man våga, våga vara sann och lyssna till sitt hjärta.

tack för underbar inspiration Karolina. Rawfood och världen kring det har gett mig ett färgstarkare liv och jag verkligen njuter i fulla drag :-)

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Åh vad härligt!

Ja.. precis. Det är inte lätt alla gånger att känna in Vem man egentligen är idag, hitta sig själv i bruset av andras egon och identiteter. Men viktigare än nånsin.

Tack själv för det du är <3

Lisa - Sockerrus said...

Hej! Jag har startat en grupp på Facebook för Sveriges alla Bak- & Matbloggar ( ). Tanken med gruppen är att stärka gemenskapen mellan bloggare (inom mat och bak) och därmed hitta en plats där vi alla kan diskutera, hjälpa, tipsa och prata om allt annat som hör blogglivet till. Vore jättekul om även du skulle vilja vara med. Klicka på länken och begär att gå med.
Ha en härlig kväll!
Kram, Lisa

raw food bloggen said...

Så många härliga raw food recept på denna blogg.

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Lisa: tack för tipset!!

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Raw food bloggen: Javisst! Du är så välkommen hit fina du! <3


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