Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blueberry creations and Japanese raw food!

Good morning beautiful, groovy folks! ...The strongest of the strong ~§~ The colors of every future autumn leaf that dresses blue skies.. Tickling the arms and fingers of Ents. May it be a good, good morning! 

These blueberry glasses filled with a dreamy experience was of a great liking to mr J. To the mere fact that his eyes rolled back in his head, haha.. Me myself wasn't really jumping of my chair, not that I didn't like them, It was just that they tasted how I would imagine. Like drinkable Blueberry Pie. 

Now to something really cute and interesting :) I got an email from a japanese girl the other day, writing that she too has a raw food blog, you can check it out here. I've been fan of japanese culture for years. I find it to be a bottomless source of fascination, inspiration and avantgarde curiousness.  I get a lovely down-to-earth, hands-on feeling about her raw food.. 

Much love (and remember to always have a childs mind. To play more).



Shino said...

Hello, Karolina. Thank you for putting up my blog! Oh, how wonderful you did for me! I am so into raw food and love your raw food photos. They are so beautiful. It is so nice to get to know each other through raw food! Take care! Love Raw! hu-hu!

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Hi there! :) Lovely to have you here, you are most welcome to my little cabin ^_^

Keep up the spark and talk to you soon!


Just Cake Girl said...

I just love this!! The pictures, the blueberries, ooo everything :) keep on doing theese sweet little deserts :)


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