Thursday, February 24, 2011

Im super tired today, as our working with the deadline of the ebook, and other deadlines kept us awake during the early hours. Tonight, no more work, just time to snuggle up in bed, watching a nice movie. Im into this one, The horse boy. It's a documentary about a more or less desperate family with an autistic boy, doing everything they can to help him improve. They are horseback riding through Mongolia to meet with a Schaman there. Totally fascinating!!! Watch it, it's an order! I've loved the vast lands of Mongolia since my early teenage years, don't really know why but there is something with the landscape there and the close bonds the nomads have with their horses. To live there, the way they do must be the ultimate freedom I think. But this tale about a very special and talented boy, is very moving. The love the parents give him, it's just amazing.

"I would love to tell you about a guy, he's a friend of mine and very shy. When ever he went for a walk, it was as if the world stood still and like nobody talked. He'd wander about looking at things, amazed by the way they looked and got him to think. That the world is a funky place, if only you open your eyes to the ever beaming love~rays". /Karolina

Today arrived a package in my mailbox that I've anxiously been waiting for! Two raw chocolate products that I wanted to test before I decide wether or not to sell it in my upcoming raw webshop, and best of all: my Camu camu!! I've read the best info about camu camu that you really should read. OMG. What a super food. Im amazed of how I could miss to incorporate it into my daily super food smoothies after 4 years into this smoothie-habit. 

And the verdict for the chocolate... The raw Conscious chocolate with maca, vanilla and blue-green algea had such a nice texture, chewy and soft. J liked this best. The Rawr chocolate with mint, were my favorite, but then again I love mint! It was a bit firmer to chew on. 

And now.. it's time for some nice raspberry tea and just relaaaax.. Talk to you soon!



Christer said...

Hej, Blev nyfiken på bloggen som låg precis före mig i listan på matbloggstoppen. Känns helt helt ok att ha färre besökare än din blogg. Bland det bästa jag sett:-)

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Hej Christer! Välkommen hit! Vilken är din blogg?? Och super tack för komplimangen :D Själv känner jag att jag vill att bloggen ska bli ungefär 100% bättre ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Love Raw,

I like the concept of raw food but been really astonished that so many raw foodist including you didn't think about buying reagonal. Buying berries that grow in Peru is not very ecological if I consider the long distance it needs to trave to Sweden. Same for Avocado, tropical friuts in general tc :) Please give this a thought. allegra Nihala


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