Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Raw Toffee

Some scenes of our life up north. Spring is finally arriving with butterflies, cute flower buds and bumblebees (have you tasted bumblebee honey? I can honestly say that it is one of the most delicious sweetener that there is. Though nothing beats agave.. :)

On our way to ship a super food order today, I couldn't resist taking a shot into the shiny wheel of a gorgeous black 1960's Mustang in the street.

Jakob in the sun.

I'm over the moon mad about icon paintings. Funny though I got my very own just a couple of days ago,  featuring Mother Mary and the baby Jesus, that welcomes us every time we enter our home. As you know I'm no more christian than a muslim is, but I talk to Jesus / Esu / Aton (same guy) in my own way. 

I found these golden icons in our church, extremely well made, and I just have to have dozen of them now! ...Why not have one in the kitchen? 

On the extra sweet side of life, I'm experimenting with raw english toffee now *tricky one* but came up with something in the middle of fudge and toffee. I didn't manage to get it as toffee-like as I planned, as you need to heat up sugar or honey and reduce it until it is super sticky. I used yacon sirup, and as you can see in one photo, it became quite elastic. So I'm getting there. It would be the ultimate exam test for me, and gosh would I start selling it all over the world? The answer is Yessss... 

What do you like the best, toffee or fudge? 

Kisses from Karolina Eleonóra


kelli said...

love the photos and the icon and your shelf and the raw toffee! wow. i like toffee and fudge equally, never had either raw! yum.

Silje Silje said...

Looks amazing! I love toffe!

GO said...

I prefer toffee, it's more sticky :D

Benedikte said...

Looks delicious! I prefer toffee. Just found your blog! happy happy! :)

Nicole said...

I love the toffee twist!

GiGi said...

toffee i think!!!

Gabriele Agustini said...

Great photos and dessert, as always, Karolina!!
My favorite would be fudge, but it looks like I'm outvoted by the comments.
Oh well, I like being different. ;)
Sending love, my friend ~

Mary Sane said...

Vilken hylla! Måste göra en sån själv också... Supersnygg, världens bästa idé.

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Kelli: Thank you! Wow, then you have to try the raw versions, I'm sure you'd be hooked for life ^^

Silje: thanks sweetie!

Gloria: Hm... I'd say I'm a toffee person too. But you can always switch to fudge when you are tired of the toffee :D

Fröken Bittersöt: Thank you! Haha... Happy to have you here. I will check out your blogg later!

Nicole: :D Thank you.

GiGi: A combination perhaps?

Gab: Hihi, thank you love! Fudge is great as you can vary them with a ton of different flavors. Haha, for the love of raw desserts, keep being different!

Mary Sane: Åh tack! Den är gjord av en gammal lastpall faktiskt :) Och krokar från Classe. Jag ville ha lite driv-veds känsla, blev jättenöjd!


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