Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Easy To Make Raw Truffles (The Lazy Version)


Here comes a simple, fruit-lover-friendly little snack, coated in the super food (or fruit powder) of your choice and dipped in raw, white chocolate. Mmmm... :) This is a super-easy recipe that everyone can make and enjoy, sort of like the lazy version of a truffle. Bananas already have that sweet and creamy texture that is perfect for so many things. 

Tips #1: The white chocolate turns darker if you add real vanilla powder, dark agave and coat the bananas in cacao or carob. If you want it white, choose only light colored ingredients, like vanilla essence, lucuma, light agave or honey! 

Tips #2: You can sprinkle the chocolate dipped bananas with chopped nuts (pecans are always nice), cacao nibs, shredded coconuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds or whatever you fancy. Only make sure to apply the nuts/seeds when the chocolate is still wet, otherwise it won't stick. 

Tips #3: When dipping the bananas in the melted chocolate, make sure the chocolate have had some time to cool off. Newly melted chocolate will leave a thin layer after dipping. If you wait a couple of minutes it will thicken quicker. 

The Lazy Lady's Raw Truffles (nut free)
(Swedish further down)

• 2 organic Bananas


2-3 tablespoons of raw Cacao, Lucuma, Mesquite, Maca etc
• 0.5 teaspoon Cardamom

Melted White Chocolate

130 g or 1 cup chopped Cacao butter.
• 2 tablespoons light / clear Agave or Honey
• A small, small pinch of pink Himalayan salt
• 0.5 teaspoon real Vanilla or vanilla essence

Melt the Cacao butter in a water bath or in your dehydrator. Add Agave, Salt and Vanilla. Stir and put in the fridge to thicken. Don't wait too long as it will get hard quite fast in the fridge. Make sure to stir it while it's getting colder.

Cut the bananas in pieces and dip them in the coating. When your melted chocolate has thickened a bit it's time to dip the bananas. If you have a grid to put them on, it's great. Otherwise you can let them rest on a silicone sheet. Dip them 2-3 times and make sure to turn them so they don't stick to the grid/sheet.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Lata Damens Raw Tryfflar (nötfria)

• 2 ekologiska Bananer


2-3 msk raw Kakao, Lúcuma, Mesquite, Maca etc
• 0.5 tsk Kardemumma pulver

Smält Vit Choklad

130 g eller 2 dl finhackad Kakaosmör. Blir ca 1.5 dl som smält.
• 2 msk Agave nektar, Yacon sirap eller honung
• En liten, liten nypa Himalayasalt
• 0.5 tsk äkta Vaniljpulver eller vanilj essens

Smält Kakaosmöret i ett vattenbad eller torkugnen. Tillsätt Agaven, Salt och Vanil. Rör om och ställ i kylen för att tjockna. Låt den inte stå där för länge eftersom den kommer tjockna ganska fort. Rör om då och då.

Skär upp bananerna och doppa dem i paneringen. Doppa dem sen i den smälta chokladen. Låt dem rinna av på ett galler eller silicon underlägg alt. smörpapper. Doppa dem 2-3 ggr och vrid bananbitarna undertiden de torkar så att de inte fastnar på underlaget.

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Thanks a lot for reading!

Much Love
/Karolina Eleonora~ 

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