Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Sundae Challenge

The Tale Of The Holy Sundae

"Once up on a time, there was a Sundae so divine, that only the ones with the purest  of heart could eat it. The legend tells of a small but growing number of people, being so in tuned with the divine, that they could fully and deeply dive into the molecules of joy found in this fountain of flavors. The feaster would be filled up with supernatural, divine powers and ecstatic love. These people are the only ones that have the magic touch to grab and set free the holy blue spoon that is stuck into the ice cream and that the sundae would then be lit in a glorious light. 

Many have looked for the Holy Graal Sundae and different theories swirls about, though the latest clue would be that it is somewhere in a small kitchen in the deep, dark forests of Sweden, guarded by a fair alchemist Lady named Karolinae, with her chevalier Sir Jakob The Brave Webmaster. 

And who knows, maybe the luck will come knocking on your door saying you are ready to grab the holy blue spoon and fill your mouth with spoonfuls of raw ice cream. Only the stars know."

The Holy Sundae Graal, makes 2 graals.

First make one basic batter that is divided into three batters (about one cup in each) which you then add flavor to. Peel about 2 rhubarb stems and cut them into cubes. Put them into the freezer until deep freezed then thaw them carefully under some hot running water. Any cold pieces of rhubarb will make the Rhubarb ice cream lumpy. The process of freezing rhubarb and thawing it like this makes rhubarb a really great ingredient in the raw dessert kitchen. You'll get a wonderful summer-flavor! And the ice creams doesn't have to be deep freezed, only slightly firmer. The important step is to let the Pecan-Lemon Ice cream get firmer so you can pipe it!

The Basic Ice Cream Batter

• 180 g or 1 1/2 cup Cashews
• 1 1/2 cup Water
• 3 tablespoons melted virgin Coconut oil
• 100 g or 0.5 cup of melted Cacao butter
• 1 pinch of Himalayan salt
• 1/4 teaspoon real Vanilla or liquid Vanilla
• 4 tablespoons Agave nectar
• 1 teaspoon Sunflower lecitin

• 3 tablespoons of Lucuma
• 1 teaspoon of Lemon juice

Slowly melt the Cacao butter in a water bath or in a dehydrator. Grind the Cashews into a super fine flour in a blender. Add all the ingredients except for the Coconut oil and blend until completely smooth. Then add the Coconut oil and blend for maximum 15 sec. Divide the batter into two bowls, about 1 cup in each. Continue with the Pecan-Lemon Ice cream.

The Pecan-Lemon Ice cream

To the blender add:

• Zest from 2.5 organic Lemons (about 0.5 teaspoon + 1/4 teaspoon of zest).
• 1 teaspoon Lemon juice

Blend until incorporated. Now make the pecan crumbs:

• 0.5 cup Pecans
• Cinnamon to taste

Put into a food processor or coffee grinder to grind the Pecans into crumbs. Add the crumbs to the Lemon Ice cream and stir by hand. Pour into a low container and let it chill in the freezer for about 30-40 minutes. It needs to be hard enough to be put into a pastry bag. Otherwise you can just put the Pecan-Lemon ice cream on top with a spoon. Stir the ice cream every now and then. You will se how it gets creamier and creamier by the minute.

Observe: If you want to pipe a swirl using a pastry bag, chose a large tip, and make the pecan crumbs rather small. Too big crumbs can get stuck in the tip, causing severe frustration to any perfectionist out there ;)

The Chocolate Chip Cacao Ice cream

Wash the blender and add one cup of the Basic Ice cream Batter into the blender. Add:

• 2 tablespoons of raw Cacao
• 1 tablespoon of Lucuma
• 1 tablespoon of Mesquite

Blend to incorporate. Don't put the Cacao ice cream into the freezer just yet. Now make the chocolate chip!

• 50 g or 1/4 cup melted Cacao butter
• 2 tablespoons raw Cacao
• 1 tablespoon Carob
• 1/4 teaspoon real Vanilla
• 2.5 tablespoon Agave nectar
• add some Cayenne powder to your liking (optional)

Slowly melt the Cacao butter in a water bath. Transfer to a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients. Stir by hand. Put a thin layer of the melted chocolate into a container to be put into the freezer. Save 2 tablespoons of the melted chocolate for decoration on top of the sundae. When the melted chocolate is hard, take it out of the freezer and brake it into small pieces that you put into the Cacao Ice cream, stir and put it into the freezer. Continue with the last ice cream!

The Rhubarb Ice cream

Wash the blender and ad the last cup of Basic Ice cream batter to the blender. Add:

• 70 g or 0.5 cup cubes of Rhubarb, deep freezed and thawed
• 0.5 teaspoon of Spirulina (if you have your spirulina in form of tablets, you can crush them between two spoons)

Blend to incorporate. Transfer into a container and put into the freezer to harden a bit.

Assemble: First pour some of the melted chocolate in the bottom of the glass to get a nice color effect. Then add the Rhubarb Ice cream, the Cacao Ice cream and finally pipe the Pecan-Lemon ice cream on top. Add the melted chocolate and sprinkle some pecan crumbs. Now dig in and enjoy!

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Thanks a lot for reading!

Much Love
/Karolina Eleonora~ 


Gabriele Agustini said...

Karolina, gorgeous girl -
This looks fabulous!!!!! It's A WINNER for sure!!!!!
Good luck!!!!
I'm trying it as soon as I buy the ingredients!! WOOHOO!!!
Sending love ~ <3

Heather Pace said...

Daaaammmm girl! This is one hell of a sundae! Mmm just delicious. Thanks for your entry!

Amy said...

Love this sundae! All of the flavors in it are amazing, and it looks delicious as well :)!

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

@Gab: :D Thank yoooou! I hope you like it <3

@Heather: Haha. I can't wait to see what you think of it :)) Thanks for a fun challenge!

@Amy: Thank you so much Amy!

moonsword said...

I found this through Sweetly Raw's Viewer's Choice Sundae post and I voted for's just so yumfully creative! Many thanks for sharing the recipe!

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Thank you sweetheart! Welcome to Love raw!


moonsword said...

Congratulations on deserve it! Cheers! :)

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Thank you sweetie!! <3

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Good luck!!!!


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