Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meta genetics & eBook update: Macaroons

Who are you? How does your genes affect your life? Do you know the people that have formed your genetical blue print? I found a photo of my grandmother the other day. That got me thinking. I am a manifestation of all the people in my kin, behind me in the line. So are you.   
My 15 year old Grandmother
on her graduation day (1936).
Klick to enlarge.

I'm the sum total of my ancestors, I carry their DNA. We are representatives of a long line of people. And we cart them around everywhere. This long line of people, that goes back to the beginning of time. And when we meet - they meet other lines of people. And we say bringing together the lines of me." 
(by Faithless)

All the past women in my kin, I hold their evolution as being in the front line of our blood line. I've felt that when I unlock blockages in me, I help unlocking family-karma, and the female karma in my kin, even though they are all dead I know I help them. As I see it ~ time is NOT linear, I believe that you can restore issues in the past by healing them in the now. A sort of schamanistic way of wieving life. To be precise, there are just a bunch of "now's" that is happening all at the same time, parallel to one and each other. The now Im in right now, interprets the "past now's" as being past.  

I love my grandmother, yet she died when I was 7 years old so I don't have much memories of her. Though we've had closer contact after she died. She comes to me when I call her and gives the pinkest hugs you can imagine. I got some my fun loving craziness from my grandmother. I know she was a closed bud that never really blossomed. Now I can blossom to love her, to heal her and stretch the shortened energy strings for her. Total love for a woman I feel so sorry for. To have lived, but yet not due to anxiety, a bad self image, shyness.. a real wallflower-girl. Sometimes certain people blossom in the spirit world after they have passed away, she's just like that. 

My Grand grandmother, Selina Eleonóra.
The image to the right is from 1906.
 (Klick to enlarge).

My grand-grand mother, she was a smashing woman. She was an artist, with her own sewing studio and had her own staff: a modern hard core business woman at a time most women thought that life was about child birth and wifehood. She was always well dressed, making the most wonderful food, having the most wonderful home and a garden that looked as if made by angels. There was nothing this woman couldn't do. She even got divorced witch at the time wasn't appropriate. She later shared her home with a man but they never got married. This Willy Wonka - man was into sweets and had his own business, a candy factory! Even tough Im not biologically related to him I feel strangely connected..

The other day J and I went for a glittery winter frost walk, and past my grand grand mothers old house.. :) She rented the third floor to a painting artist. It's wierd to have heard SO much of a loved Big Mama-Woman in your kin, never have met her, but I go shop my food in the very same store as she did while living in this house (she died in 1963).  When my mum was a little girl, staying in this house at weekends, she often starred out of the window, looking at the house Im now living in.. We wondered, what if the family that lives there now rents the third floor? Imagine the coolness if we got to move in there. Talk about walking in the footsteps of your past. Anyway.. I was going to write about meta genetics. Did you know that what your ancestors ate, the nutrition they got from their food is a part of your health status today? What's even more interesting is that our genes are effected by the stress our grand-grand-grand father/mother felt. Emotional stress, environmental stress, social stress and so on. And if they were exposed to a toxic substance that you've never got in contact with, you can suffer an illness due to their exposure. This BBC documentary explains it all... The Ghost in your Genes. You are not only what you eat, you are what your grand mother ate! 

Looking at these people from the early 1900, you can so imagine them in modern clothes, seeing them down town, taking on the cellphone, being integrated in a modern society ^_^ My grand grand fater, the young man getting married on this photo is Einar Törning. He worked as a decorater at Uppsala Ekeby making wonderful Art Deco pieces you just have to love! Some of his work was later sold to america. 

Selina Eleonóra's Swedish wedding year 1914

Over to some macaroons I've been working on quite some time now. These are for my second dessert eBook.. Very nutritious and fun to make. 

Take Care and lots of Loooove to ya!



Gabriele Agustini said...

This is a beautiful post, Karolina.
My grandmother (Oma) was my favorite person in the world and I was fortunate to have her in my life until I was in my 20s.
I'm sorry that you did not have that many years with yours, but you have her now - forever.
She was beautiful. Which must be a family-tradition.:)
I also love the house!! And, of course, your desserts!
Another great post!

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Thank you Gabrielle! I enjoyed writing it. I just saw the beautiful photo of my young grandmother and thought that she deserved to be exposed ^_^

All the best to you beautiful one <3

Anonymous said...

You and Selina actually look quite alike.

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

You think? :) That warms my heart!


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