Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Balls of Steel for Heroes

Happy Tuesday folks! 

This is a post to honer all of you disobetient heroes out there. (I even made a little recipe for you). Thank you for your balls of steel. The world would not spin if everybody played by the rules, stood in line, waited for their turn, controlled their emotions, kept quiet, never rocked the boat, never challenged what is socially accepted. There is an acute limit of free thinkers in the world, so thank you for being one and doing things in your own unique way. 

I'm all for healthy disobedience of course. No one never have to obey any rule, that is not aligned with their own personal Truth. 

These balls have ingredients that supports the inner Hero in you! 

• Good fats and amino acids from the Cacao butter and Hemp to nurture, ground and to keep you alert. 
• Maca to balance your hormones, boost your strength, endurance and energy. Also Maca is an adaptogen herb that has the ability to absorbe stress.
• Cacao gives a wonderful edge of progressiveness, a bit like coffee but without the negative effects. Great for heroes that need to get on it. Cacao also brings cannabinoides which gives a natural high, that opens up for visionalizing and spreading the message of Love. 

Balls of steel for Heroes, makes 20 balls.

• 60 g or 0.5 cup shredded Cacao butter.
• 1 cup Dates (pitted but not soaked)
• 1 cup hulled Hemp seeds
• 2 pinches of Himalayan salt
• 1/4 teaspoon real Vanilla
• 5 tablespoons raw Cacao powder
• 1 tablespoon Maca
• 3 tablespoons Lucuma

Slowly melt the Cacao butter in  a water bath. Meanwhile pit the dates. Combine the melted Cacao butter with the Hemp seeds and make a paste in your food processor. Add the dates and process. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until incorporated. Form into balls and roll them in shredded coconut. These are best enjoyed well chilled. 

Balls of steel för Hjältar, blir ca 20 st.

De här bollarna är gjorda på en bas av hampafrö och kakaosmör; bra fetter som håller din hjärna alert, kryddade Maca för stärka upp och grunda med sin effekt på hormonerna. 

• 60 g eller 1 dl krossat Kakaosmör (ska bli 0.75 dl som smält)
• 2 dl Dadlar (urkärnade men ej blötlagda)
• 2 dl skalad Hampa
• 2 nypor Himalayasalt
• 1 krm äkta Vanilj
• 5 msk raw Kakao
• 1 msk Maca
• 3 msk Lucuma

Smält Kakaosmöret försiktigt i ett vattenbad. Under tiden, kärna ur Dadlarna. Mixa det smälta Kakosmöret med Hampafröna till en pasta i en matberedare. Tillsätt Dadlarna och mixa tills du har en deg. Tillsätt resten av ingredienserna och mixa tills blandat. Forma bollar som du rullar i riven cocos. Dessa kommer bäst till sin rätt väld kylda. 


saraskrattar said...

jag vet inte hur jag ska uttrycka mig för att få dig att se detta. jag vet bara att du vill.

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Har sett den nu, tack för att du delar <3

Unknown said...

Thanks for your visit! Your photos are gorgeous!

Elenore (E) said...

You´re a hero honey!

stacy bostrom said...

oh those look divine!

kelli said...

love love love


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