Friday, August 19, 2011

Farmers Market Peach Cobbler

Hi guys! I went to the farmers market last weekend to catch me some juicy peaches for the Peach Cobbler I was talking about. Peaches are in season right now, so what could be better than whipping up a quick and easy Peach cobbler? I made a simple pie crust, and poured a creamy peach smoothie over, sprinkled with some pecan, cinnamon and agave cobbler-crumbs and topped it witch slices of peaches and more crumbs. Easy peasy!! And way more decadent and satisfying than I could ever describe, you just have to taste it!

Health benefits of peaches

Why I was soo drawn to peaches might be my body trying to tell me to eat that potassium (kalium) that peaches is very rich in. More interesting facts about the health benefits of peaches are that they contain beta-carotene, which the body transforms into vitamin A. They also contain:

• Lycopene
• Lutein

There are several studies and indication that both lycopene and lutein can help prevent macular degeneration, cancer and heart disease.

• High i fibre
• Vitamin C
• Usable Iron (as much as in spinach)

A Farmers Market Peach Cobbler 
(for Swedish, scroll further down)

For the Crust

• 200 g or 1 cup Dates, pitted and soaked for 10 min.
• 300 g or 3 cups dry Walnuts (you can pre soak them and dry them in the dehydrator)
2 pinches of Himalayan salt
• 2 teaspoons Mesquite flour

Grind the Walnuts in a food processor with the salt and Mesquite, set aside in a bowl. Make a date paste of the Dates and then add the dry ingredients to the paste. Process until you have a dough. Press down the dough in a pie form (or three small ones as shown in the images), using your hands and a wet spoon to even the surface for a prettier finish. Put in the fridge to chill while making the Peach Smoothie!

Peach Smoothie Filling

• 120 g or 1 cup of dry Cashew nuts (you can pre soak them and dry them in the dehydrator)
• 400 g or 6-7 small Peaches
• 1 teaspoon of Lime juice
• 2 tablespoons of Virgin Coconut oil (hard but soft enough to scoop up with a spoon)
• 1 pinch of Himalayan salt
• 3 teaspoons Agave nectar, or the sweetener of you choice
• 1/4 teaspoon real Vanilla

Grind the Cashews into a fine flour, using a coffee grinder or a high powered food processor. Put aside in a bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients but the Coconut oil to the food processor and process until completely smooth and super creamy. Now add the Coconut oil and process for maximum 30 sek.
Pour over the pie crust, put in the fridge to chill, while you make the Pecan Cobbler Crumbs!

Pecan Cobbler Crumbs

• 100 g or 1 cup of dry Pecans (you can pre soak them and dry them in the dehydrator)
• 2 pinches of Himalayan salt
• 1 teaspoon of Agave nectar, or honey
• 1/4 teaspoon Cardamom
• 1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon

Pulse the Pecans shortly in a food processor or blender. You want crumbs, not a flour. Put the crumbs in a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients and stir by hand.

Sprinkle the crumbs over the filling, and cut slices of Peaches to put on top. Add some more of the crumbs over the Peach slices. Put in the fridge to chill for 30 min and EAT!

Do you like my recipes? Then have a look at my dessert recipe eBook, The Dessert Revolution, you might find some edible treasures there..  


Smulpaj på Persika


• 2 dl Dadlar, urkärnade och blötlagda i 10 min.
• 6 dl torra Valnötter (om du vill grodda dom, så se till att torka dom för det här receptet)
• 2 nypor Himalayasalt
• 2 tsk Mesquite mjöl

Gör ett mjöl av Valnötterna i en matberedare tillsammans med saltet och Mesquiten, häll mjölet i en skål. Gör en "dadelpasta" av Dadlarna i matberedaren. Tillsätt de torra ingredienserna till dadelpastan och mixa tills du har en deg. Tryck ner degen i en pajform, eller i tre små pajformar som på bilderna. Ställ i kylen medan du gör smoohtie fyllningen!

Smoothie Fyllning

• 2 dl torra Cashews (om du vill grodda dom, så se till att torka dom för det här receptet)
400 g Persika eller 6-7 st av den lilla sorten (inte den som är stor som en tennisboll)
1 tsk Lime juice
• 3 msk Virgin Cocosolja
• 1 nypa Himalaysalt
• 3 tsk Agave eller det sötningsmedel du föredrar
• 1 krm äkta Vanilja

Gör ett fint mjöl av Cashewnöttera i en elektrisk kaffekvarn eller en bra mixer/blender. Tillsätt resten av ingredienserna utom Cocosoljan och mixa tills du har en perfekt, krämig smoothie (kan ta 5 minuter). Tillsätt nu Cocosoljan och mixa i max 30 sek. Häll över pajskalen, ställ i kylen.

Pecan smulor

• 2 dl torra Pecannötter  (om du vill grodda dom, så se till att torka dom för det här receptet)
• 2 nypor Himalayasalt
• 1 tsk Agave
• 1 krm Kardemumma
• 1 krm Kanel

Pulsera Pecannötterna hastigt i en matberedare eller blender för att få smulor. Häll smulorna i en skål och tillsätt övriga ingredienser. Rör för hand. Sprinkla smulorna över pajfyllningen. Skär sen aprikoser i tunna, tunna skrivor att dekorera med. Sprinkla lite extra Pecansmulor på toppen!

Gillar du det här receptet? Ta då en kik i min eBok The Dessert Revolution med massor av fler raw dessert skapelser. ♥ Den finns på svenska och engelska.



Anonymous said...

Åh, vilka mumsiga pajer och underbara foton. Kram mamma

Gwen said...

looks and sounds wonderful! my coconut oil is never solid, i think because it is so warm here in Az. Do you think liquid form would harm the recipe?

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

@ mamma, tack fina du!

@ healthy mamma: thank you! One tablespoon solid coconut oil is the same as one liquid, so ether way works! I prefer working with solid, It seems that the recipe is getting more light and less compact then.
Im really curious about your blog.. I'll have a peak!


myfudo said...

Great! This is an energiving peach with the coconut oil that will provide a twist on its taste

Sara said...

This looks lovely! Gorgeous photos. :)

Vanessa Rees said...

beautiful photos <3

Ann-Louise said...

Whoa! Your pie looks absolutely divine. I just found your blog and love it!

Unknown said...

Oh wow this looks amazing!


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