Sunday, August 28, 2011

What road are you choosing?

The mayan calendar ends in late october 2011, according to the Swedish author Carl Johan Calleman. The months until then will be ever so transforming for all creatures on earth, also because of the four comets that are passing earth, that the Hopis and Mayan prophecy is talking about. Comets Honda, Levy, Elenin and Holmes, may play a huge roll in our future growth. They are all paying us a visit, as they enter our orbit and passes by during a period of three months from august to october this year. 

The two most interesting stars in the prophecy is comet Elenin (the blue star Kachina) and comet Holmes (the red star Kachina). Briefly the prophecy says that the blue star Kachina/Elenin, together with the two comets Honda and Levy (the guardians of the north and south poles) will return the Earth to it's natural rotation which is counter-clockwise. After this is done, the red star Kachina is entering our orbit as I understand. This star is known as the "purifier". It has a super massive body, and will change the life of humanity and earth forever, due to gravitation and electromagnetic forces. The prophecy says: "On the day of purification, the Earth, her creatures and all life as we know it will change forever. Every living thing will be offered the opportunity to change from the largest to the smallest thing. The way through this time is to be found in our hearts and in reuniting with our spiritual self. Everything we experience is all a matter of choice."

I think this is pretty amazing. I feel in my heart that these comets are a blessing for us. I mean, if humanity haven't got it by now, it might take four comets (one of a super massive body), entering our orbit with a vast gravity to make us start questioning our daily focus and fully awaken to love like never before. Imagine this huge flower bud, exploding of the collective love-awakening, forming into a super naturally beautiful flower. I have no idea how life on Earth will be like, as these comets passes by, the only thing I know, is to put my focus on the Divine Plan behind this, and celebrate the processes that are going to transform us into the beautiful beings that we are. May it begin! ..Though, to flow thorough these transformations in grace and ease, it is ever so important to be aware of where you put your focus. 

Are you choosing the road to happiness or pain?

I think that in the turbulent times that are now, it's more important than ever to decide on what thoughts are going to form your life, your future. One road leads to happiness, the other one to pain. Sometimes we put our foot on one of the roads, being reminded of what we want or don't want. It's up to you to choose what road you are going to travel in the near future. We become what we think, simply because thoughts trigger feelings, feelings becomes actions, actions become habit, habit becomes character, character becomes destiny. Why not decide once and for all to choose the road to happiness, and throw the junk-thoughts in the trash, start feeding you with quality thoughts of the visions you most of all wish for?  

My vision is of a future where we gather, start to co-create, form new communities, see others as "family" and not just as "strangers". And that the collaborations and communities we form, are open for all to speak their mind, also children and people with not so strong voices, not born with the gift of speaking or taking on a leadership - because everyone matters in a Family. I also believe that we need better alternatives to democracy, an updated version of it. The old pyramid shaped power structure are gone, power is no longer of any interest. Creating and sharing is the new focus. How can I give, share, help today? How can I assist? How can I create what I most of all wish for? No more fear, standing on our knees, no more accepting of oppression and corruption. Fear is what is happening, when we don't focus on what we want, on our dream~vision. This is how you shift your frequence from fear to love.

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach and the more you focus on how bad you feel, the worse you feel? Have you then tried to think of something that gives you energy, fills you with strength and faith? What happens then with your physical condition? I've personally experienced having a stomach flu, but with hardly any symptoms at all. I had the (very aggressive) virus in my body, but not much happened. 

I can sense that we are entering The age of Heart, the age of Sharig, and it all starts in shifting our thoughts: the frequency that you are acting on, that you are spreading with your entire being. 

Love and a splendid future~



Isobelle said...

Amazing post! I could not agree with you more

April said...

I really like this poster. Especially, sometimes you have to get lost of find yourself.

Yoginique said...

Yes, let us choose our thoughts, words and actions in a positive and loving way to create a higher vibration for the benefit of all Beings! I am sure this will not only increase happiness, it will also act as support, guiding and protection as we all walk on this Earth together, looking towards the same planetary future. Have a lovely New Moon and thank you for a great blog!

FractalWings said...

Very interesting....
jag skrattade till när jag läste det sista, för just nu har jag väldigt ont i magen och mår illa, har haft det så i ett dygn. synk...
men jag har också lärt mig att börja transformera virus som kommer till mig, tack för påminnelsen :)


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